Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Thinking...June 27th

This is the second week of the
I'm Thinking Series of Posts.

So much to this past week.
The obvious would be the things
in the news...Like the fact that
most of us would have thought
Farrah Fawcett's Passing would have
been a major news story.
It likely would have been if it
hadn't been for the unexpected
death of a sad man named Michael

Makes one really stop and take stock
of the legacy being left. How do I
want to be eulogized...certainly not
like this. I pray that my life is
one that edifies, brings glory to
God and is lived full of rich friendships
and fellowship.

I could cry for the sad, lonely life of
this unusual man.

To contrast this news...Yesterday I had the
priviledge of attending a retirement party
in State College for the woman who had been
my Dad's secretary for more than twenty years.

Her name is Karen.

She is an amazing woman.
What tends to happen at these kinds of events
is a sort of eulogy of one's life's work.
Karen deserved the wonderful things said about
her. She is a woman of God who listens well,
gives sound advice and loves much.

She was always quick to offer prayer, right there at
her desk, rather than lots of words.

The contrast to this week's news could
not have been more obvious.

Would that this is how they would remember me.
I have work to do with the Lord's help.

I have to tell you about the way God showed
Himself in our day yesterday.

Mom and I were listening to a book on tape
as we drove. It was written by Queen Noor,
of Jordan. We were finding it very interesting.

Then all of a sudden, we found ourselves being
lulled to a sleepiness by the voice of the
woman doing the reading. Both of us, at the
same time.

I asked Mom if she was ok. She told me she
was struggling to stay awake. So we decided
it best to take the tape out....naturally.

Suddenly through the car's speakers came the
voice of Karen. The woman who was retiring.
Now, she was not only the secretary for my
Dad but an on air announcer for many years at
this Christian Radio Station. Dad was the Director
of Ministries and hosted a short Radio Program
called The Take it Along Song.

Anyway, It turns out that Karen and
our friend Mark VanOuse, the station
manager were doing a final interview.
For the next half hour they talked and chatted
about life at the Radio Station and what Karen
had cherished about her job.

So many times she mentioned Dad and there was one
time in particular that caused Mom and I both
to break down. Karen talked about her baptism
as a believer and how Dad had held communion
after it. This made Mark chime in about how
special Communion was if my Dad was leading it.
How he savored the precious time in fellowship
with the Lord. Karen told of the times of
Communion at a Bible Study Dad led in their home
for eighteen years. All of this was something
that Mom and I are so familiar with and it was
so special to hear this kind of a legacy about
my Dad and her husband.

So the news of this week.

We saw many old friends last night and then drove
home again, as Mom has to work today.

But I wouldn't have missed that half hour of our
trip for anything.

I am glad we got tired.
I am glad the radio had been
turned to this radio station at
a potty stop just a few short moments before.

Even though Dad was just a local public figure
and not a world wide celebrity...I would much,
much rather have his legacy to hold on to and
aspire to than anything else.

It is about Eternity, people.
That is what lasts.

I want to make a difference.
Like my Dad did.
Like Karen is doing in the lives
of those she comes in contact with.

I'm thinking...are You?

Much more to share from our quick trip
to State College but we must run out to
an auction now. Sorry...we will suffer
through the fun of this auction.

See you soon!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


~~Deby said...

You are so right...
to see our world*mourning* has almost sickenend me...
every day thousands of precious babies are aborted....where are the tears for them...what kind of legacy is that for our country? idolize someone that was so messed just not right...I am sorry for anyone that dies, especially if their eternity is unsure...but to see this reaction....shameful.
Wow..your Karen sounds like a neat lady..actually your whole family, Becky....
What a great post and I am sure..a wonderful time with your mom.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, your post is certainly thought provoking. You make me think.

Have a wonderful weekend.


bennie and patsy said...

Thank you so much for the comment on the loss of my son. Your post is so right.