Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mikey and Me

The word has gotten out!

Mikey is swamped with landscape
opportunities...he will work for
three separate people tomorrow.

Today we were preparing for this
and went to Groff's Plant Farm
to purchase the perennials and
annuals needed.

I took my camera and carried it over
the entire place as we studied and
debated the best plants for the
budget allotted.

This was the first picture I took
there the checkout!

I mean, there we were with acres and acres
of plants, greenhouses and amazing shrubs.

I took a picture of KITTENS!
I must be crazy.

Oh well, we got what we went after
and the kittens were a nice little
diversion as we were paying the bill.

I did feel so bad about not getting
any other photos of the greenhouses
that I snapped this as we got back in
our van. It shows only a
fraction of what makes up
this awesome plant farm.

Things are more than a
little bit crazy here these
days...but things are going
to calm down soon....
I think.

Have a wonderful Thursday.
I'll be back here shortly.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting. Your kitten photo was very sweet.


Melissa said...

That's neat that he's getting so many opportunities to work for people.
That kitty is so cute!