Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Thinking....

Maybe Saturdays will be a
wrap up day here at Hospitality
Lane. Kind of a how did the week
go and what am I thinking about
kind of a thing.

Readership is way down on Saturday
so that means fewer people to bore...

I kind of like being able to go
back and read what was happening in
our lives over time but it can get
boring for all of you.

This week I am pondering the fact that
Mikey doesn't have long to prepare for
his Internship. And that he will be
taking a stab at the driving test pretty
soon. Oh, part of me wants him
to pass, the other part says that everything
changes once he does. Like that 40 minute
drive to Longwood Gardens that
he will do by himself.

My heart picks up a beat just thinking about
it. I'll either need meds or lots of prayer
that first week that he is on his own.
The first day...valium...I think that'll do!
Wonder what the Doctor would think about that!

There are things in the news that make me
happy, but more that make me sad. Sad about
the course our world is on.

When PETA gets upset that our President kills a fly on
National TV but doesn't take a stand for the
unborn child...
This is taken directly from their website here:

“Where does the animal rights movement stand on abortion?”

There are people on both sides of the abortion issue in the animal rights movement, just as there are people on both sides of animal rights issues in the pro-life movement. And just as the pro-life movement has no official position on animal rights, the animal rights movement has no official position on abortion.

When Britain considers a law that would require an
in home interview of every homeschooled child to see if that
is how THEY wish to be can get more details
on this and more at

When we consider laws that allow children to sue their
parents for ANYTHING that makes them unhappy...How about
the desire to stay up later at night?
Go out and drink with friends?
Not doing my homework?
Maybe they don't feel like doing the assigned household chores?
You get the idea.
There are so many things as parents that we have to
take a stand on...for the good of our children.

I am telling you, parental rights are at stake.
It makes me sad. Our children are not supposed to be
"happy" with us one hundred percent of the time. We
are to be their parents, correctors, guides and the ones
who will unconditionally love them through the hard times.

I don't love how our Government is taking a larger
role in the what should be the Private Sector.
This week there were more areas considered for
takeover. Healthcare...Please NO!

What makes me happy about the news this week?

I loved the things that I heard President Obama saying
to Dads this week. Our fathers need to be reminded how
important they are to their children. I did not see the
entire event but what I did see was good.

I loved seeing this clip about these adorable raccoons.
Just so cute! I love the man's shirt!

I loved having a date with Warren
this week. We chatted until after the
Restaurant closed. Fun!

I love that my girl is getting busy this
summer with some babysitting. I did this
as a teenager and learned so much! Good
for her.

Spending time with friends last night.
Totally enjoyable!

We are looking forward to Father's Day
tomorrow. Remembering two special men
who are in Heaven and Honoring Warren...
he works so hard for us!!!

Just a few thought from this week.
So on Saturdays...I'll be thinking!

Take it...or leave it!
It's ok with me.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Persuaded said...

My Amelia will probably be getting her license soon, and that will mean I won't be driving her back and forth to work every day either... like you I am conflicted about the whole thing! This transition from teen to adult is so difficult- for ME! lol

I like your idea of doing a Saturday morning recap... i don't have many visitors on Saturdays either. I think it's because most of my readers are homemakers, and on the weekends their time is happily consumed with family and recreation. If I was smart, I'd probably disconnect my sitemeter and not even concern myself with such things, but I'm a bit too compulsive for that, lol;)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend dear♥

Terri and Bob said...

I think reflection is a healthy thing to do! Go for it!

Tracy said...

I think I will need medication when my two start driving! I would love to visit your church. I can't talk jason into driving that far:(

Gayla said...

Good comments. I was amazed by the stand by PETA and the lack of caring about a child... wow... It says something weird is going on... Hugs...

Smilingsal said...

Those raccoons obviously preferred Pepsi to Coke!

Vee said...

Terrific review of what's on your heart and in your mind an on your plate in general. I didn't hear anything good from the president so obviously missed the talk you spoke of.

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the idea of a recap, I'm pretty sure some weeks I would never be able to remember if I didn't have a recap to look back on!

And interesting thoughts on parenthood, yeah-it's not about producing happy children but responsible adults. I totally agree that our rights as parents are threatened sometimes.