Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation Misadventures

Every vacation has its issues.
Ours is not exempt.
I think the worst being how
uncomfortable Mikey has been with
this cold...the rest of us too, to
some degree or another...but we
are making the best of it.

The first plan that went awry was this lighthouse.
It is on Tybee Island.
We did not have an address for it but enjoyed the
search. Tybee Island is a colorful place.
The homes are so pretty in their festive
coats of paint. We enjoyed
driving through neighborhoods.

There are a lot of homes for sale on
Tybee Island, should you be looking.

Anyway, finally, we found the Lighthouse.
The anticipation was building.
But why was the parking lot blocked off?
Ahhh...there on the tiny sign.
Closed Tuesday.

It was Tuesday!

Well, it looked like a fun place to visit.
Very clean and bright.

Thankfully, no one took that too hard.
We did have to scrub our plans for Pikachu and the
top of the lighthouse though.

As we arrived at our first stop in Florida
we found our accomodations after a mistake
or two that nearly landed us on the Beach,
in the dark, beside police cars.

We have this wonderful GPS System that has
led us through many states. We have a lot
of confidence in it. Although, there was that
time in Savannah where it needed to reboot
in the middle of the city. We had a moment
of panic as we wondered if it would remember
where we were headed and if it would get
rebooted in time for our next turn.

It has been great, though, to just put in an
address and be led straight there.

Upon our arrival, we found ourselves looking
up at high rise after high rise. Which one would
be ours? As we were on a divided highway the
situation got a bit trickier when our GPS told
us, "You have arrived at your destination"...but
it could have been any of the high rises on the
other side of the divide.

After trying one and having it be the wrong one,
going down a space between the buildings and ending
up at the beach, then finally finding our place,
we were very relieved and very exhausted.

We came inside and did not want to leave to find
a grocery store. So, I decided that we had the
ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches.

This would be great! I pulled out a pan.
Set it on the burner. Began making the sandwiches.
Alas the pan got hotter and hotter. I turned the
burner down several times. It just kept getting
hotter. So I now had a very black pan and burned
The great thing?
We were way too tired
to care!

The next morning we opted to find a grocery store.
Now, this has got to be an object lesson of some kind.

We headed out. Across the huge and beautiful bridge
that would take us back to civilization and a
grocery store. We had seen a very large one on the
way in. We didn't anticipate any difficulty in
finding it again.
That was our first mistake.
After having decided to skip St. Augustine because
we were tired of being in the van...we drove and drove
and drove all around the mainland looking for that
grocery store. Nada!

Oh well, I remembered something about there being
a gocery store two miles north of our vacation home.
Lets try that.
Sure enough. We returned to the Street in front
of our accomodations and went two miles north.
A whole shopping complex!
A lovely...if store!

How many times do we wander around searching for that
something that is basically right in front of our face?
Too many, I am afraid.
Families are broken up because what is "out there" seems
more appealing than the current situation one finds
themselves in. Or, teenagers leave the nest and wander
out into the great big world thinking that whatever
is "out there" is better than the discipline and
concern of the parents within his or her home walls.

I hope that I will long remember this object lesson.

I have what I need.
I know this because God has blessed
me with it.
I need to look no farther than His Word
for guidance.
When he says we have reached the destination
There will be no questions!
It will be obvious!

Just some early morning thoughts and lessons
...from our misadventures.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts this morning that brought me into focus...and I enjoyed meandering through your beach pics...ahhhh, the ocean~
All Things Heart and Home

Sue F said...

"Best laid plans of mice & men" Beautiful pictures. We are praying for the wellness of the family.
Jon & Sue

Mrs. Rabe said...

The misadventures make the trip memorable! In our family they become lore....

Terri and Bob said...

This is so true. In every adventure there is a lesson!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Welcome to Florida!
I hope the rest of your time here goes smoothly!

I hope it's not raining where you are right now! It's pouring here! It hasn't rained in a couple of weeks! Hopefully The Sunshine State is living up to its name where you're at!

lady jane said...

As we've said while on family vacations, "This isn't a trip, it's an adventure!"

Love the many pictures you've shared, Becky. Amazing places I've never been. I had *no* idea places like that existed. Really.

Barb said...

Beautiful pics, Becky. I will have to try and catch up....been out for two days.

Have a lovely time!