Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fort Pulaski Rocks!

This morning,in Savannah, we had a bit of
fun with the Pikachu before
leaving the hotel...

...wonder if anyone was watching.

Or when we did this...

But then we had to get on the road.
We had a plan that involved Tybee Island
and Fort Pulaski. This was the first
time we have visited the Fort.

We loved it!!!

Enjoy some photos...
We started by taking the nature trail that went back to
a memorial for John Wesley and an ammunition battery.
It also happened to take us to the water...gorgeous!

Pikachu had a little too much fun at the Battery.

Mikey had a blast too!

Finally, after a lot of goofing around and
enjoying the beautiful day we
headed into the Fort.
There were lots of jellyfish
in the moat!

This door has seen better days.
However, I think that it is awesome looking!
Strong too.

Gunpowder anyone?

Climbing to the top of the Fort.

It was really high.
That is Mikey up there.

Much of the brick showed damage from attacks.

Strolling along at the top of the world.

I would definitely go back here.
I kept thinking of my "co-op kids" and
wishing they could be there.

So much opportunity for imagination
and just good fun.

The history of this land is so obvious
and interesting.

Tomorrow's Post will show you one of my
very favorite places on the planet...

St. Simon's Island, Georgia and more
specifically, Christ Church and Cemetary.

What a wonderful and magical place.

We took lots of pictures there, as well.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Sue F. said...

Thanks for the GREAT pictures. The Kids are having a BLAST!!!
Jon & Sue

Mrs. Rabe said...

Cool - we have never been to Tybee Island. Perhaps we will have to consider it on our trek southward in June!

Glad you are having fun!

Kelly said...

Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. And, Mikey, hanging upside down like that -- ever the thrill seeker! He makes me nervous!

Ronda said...

Hi Becky,
Oh how I have enjoyed looking at all of these picture's. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us.
I hope a fab time was had by all.

Love & Prayers,