Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks Melissa!

Last week I unofficially joined this meaningful
journey offered by Melissa at The Inspired Room.This week I will begin in earnest to post on
Fridays about the week and how my goals to
simplify and improve my health are coming along.

Everyone is in a different place.
Their posts look varied and oftentimes

However, this corner of Pennsylvania today
finds a 41 year old homemaker/candlemaker/financial
advisor/homeschool teacher...trying to find a balance.

That balance between serving others and remaining
in good health. Anyone else in this boat with me?
I know you are. I read about it daily.

So, new commitments this week include consciously
eliminating, or greatly reducing, the amount of high
fructose corn syrup our family consumes. This may
seem like a strange goal...but with family histories
of diabetes on all sides of our family trees we must
take steps to lose weight and reduce the risks.

I did not know that it was in the whole wheat bread
I buy. I thought I was doing a good thing in getting
it...but no. So, I will be investigating good bread
recipes to make on my own...and also looking for a bread
to buy that does not have it in it.

I think our family will benefit greatly from this
one managable step. That and dedicated time to

This was the main thing this week.
I am drinking tea
as often as I remember...another goal for this year.

Thanks Melissa, for encouraging us in this way!
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful post, Becky.

Several years ago, when hubby was first diagnosed with heart disease, I did exactly what you are doing. As a result, I became more label conscious, which in the long run means more dietary conscious.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Teresa said...

I need to be better at what I put in my body- I'm at the age where the things I put in my month stay on my hips way too long- :}
Have a wonderful day.

Suzy said...

I am glad you are joining Melissa's beautiful life. I like your post about balancing. Great, we often forget that we are also very important. Thanks for sharing.


Karen said...

I need to make healthier habits a goal for my family, too. HFCS really is in *everything*, it seems, doesn't it?

I make our bread most of the time and would be happy to share recipes if you're interested. I mostly make a honey-wheat (not 100% wheat) but also make:
Rye (not too often)
Onion (uses soup mix so perhaps not so healthy)
Cinnamon raisin
French sweet bread

I experiment with other recipes that sound good, too. I'd love if you share any you decided to try.

Terri and Bob said...

Please keep us informed of your learning on this journey. There are many of us who would benefit from your information.

Fifi Flowers said...

SOunds like you are taking the right steps... good for you and your family.
ENJOY your day!

Linda said...

I can identify with trying to find a good balance...this is something I deal with too.

I just came from Robin's blog and saw your comment about the Wll Fit....I'm thinking about purchasing it but worried I will not use it. I've heard it's fun from a friend...I'm checking it out this weekend...hugs, Linda

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am a vigilant label reader too...I only buy whole grain bread and there are a few that don't have the HFCS in just have to watch for all the other hidden no no's.

I am trying to balance things too. My new daily goal is to get 4 things accomplished that I would normally have put the oven,,,etc. I am challenging myself to see if I can keep it up.


Vee said...

Good for you! It isn't easy, but neither will it be as difficult as you think. I am joining you on the tea drinking!

I'll be checking back to see what you discover about the bread.

southerninspiration said...

I understand what you are saying; I"m on this journey, too. I have a good recipe for bread, very easy, if you are interested....


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I am so glad you are joining in! I too have become a label reader. When we found out my son was sensitive to milk I started reading every label to make sure it was good for him. It is amazing what they put in things like BREAD!

Take care and thanks for being a part of this!


GrannySmithGreen said...

You aren't alone. Balance is so important!

I once heard someone say to think of label reading like reading a medicine bottle. Why would we even want to ingest those unnecessary ingredients.

For our pantry, we try to keep these things out of the top 4 or 5 ingredients:
Hydrogenated anything

I hope this helps! Good luck!