Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some "Beary" Thoughtful Girls

My daughter, Chelsea, has been blessed
with excellent friends!

It is so wonderful to see these young
ladies growing up together and to see their
purposeful involvement in the hurting and
needs around them.

One of these friends, Kristen, called a couple
of weeks ago and had an idea for her birthday
party. She wanted her friends to meet her at
Build-a-Bear. They would make stuffed animals
and then take them to the Hospital for sick

I wondered how that would go. Traditionally
when you make one of these Bears you bond with
it, print a Birth Certificate... you love
your Bear!

Well, four girls met at Build-a-Bear. They made
eight stuffed animals. They dressed these cute
and cuddlies. They spent their very own money.

That meant some had more to spend than others...
but they all worked together to create the most
bang for their buck!

I took these pictures while we waited for the other girls
to arrive. Then I left Chelsea in the capable
hands of Kristen's Mom.

After the time in the store the whole crew
went back to Kristen's house and made
cards to go with each plush friend.

If you could have seen the joy and satisfaction
on their faces. It was precious!

On Monday Kristen took everything to the Hospital.
Her Mom said they treated her like a celebrity.
She did not get to see the children that will receive
these because of Privacy Acts. Kristen knew this was
the case, but did the project anyway.

Now that this event was a success, Kristen is thinking
about making it bigger next year. I'll bet she'll begin
saving that babysitting money even earlier for that.
Maybe...just maybe...Build-a-Bear would do some matching
or donations to the cause..maybe.

Way to go, Girls! You make your Mommies very proud.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Tracy said...

Build-a-Bear...that looks like such fun! :o) Happy Days to you all, Becky ((HUGS))

Mrs. Rabe said...

That is very sweet - the girls are growing up to be lovely young women!

Terri and Bob said...

I have done the build a bear myself and it is just a rewarding activity all by itself. I cannot imagine how wonderful it is to build a bear for someone else. Magical. Blessings to your sweet Chelsea for doing this!

Tracy said...

Wow! That is a beautiful thing to do!!!

Barb said...

Becky, what lovely girls. Wow, I am so impressed.


Carol said...

What a sweet idea for a teenager's birthday party. It really shows they have the gift of giving & sharing! I know all you're proud.

Alicia said...

Wow this was so sweet! Build and bear is so fun and for the girls to give them as gifts is so nice. I bet you are a very proud mama!! ;-)

Jacquelynne said...

That is really wonderful. I am sure they enjoyed giving the gifts more than they would have enjoyed receiving them. BRAVO!!

Karen said...

What lovely young ladies! That was a generous and kind idea that will bless more than just the 8 sick children who receive them.

Congrats, too, to the parents who are raising such thoughtful, generous young ladies.

Kelly said...

What a great idea! I'm sure those cute cuddly bears blessed the sick children, and I'm sure that God will bless these wonderful girls for doing such a great thing!

Way to go, Chelsea and friends!