Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teaching Comedy....

...Is not always funny!

I have previewed more comedy videos
and DVD's this year for my High School
Comedy Class.

I am not laughing much any more.

I wonder if this means the things
I am watching are not funny...
or if I am just not easily amused
any more.

Victor Borge can make me chuckle.

Red Skelton cannot - at least not today.

Aaron Wilburn has a funny song.

I am about to watch some Laurel and Hardy.

Love that sketch by Jeff Allen about his VW Bug!

CPR is Improv and depends on your Mood.

Taylor Mason is pretty good with his puppets.

Brad Stine is good if you are up for a rant...a very loud rant.

Paul Aldrich is creative with music.

Joby Saad makes us laugh with his funny faces.

My Darren Streblow DVD has gone missing.
I love Darren's sense of humor!

So...I should be the most laughed out person this
side of the Mississippi, but comedy is hard work.
This is wearing me out. It is a lot of pressure to
make a classroom of teenagers split a gut.

No, don't feel sorry for me.
I love it!
Laughter truly is good medicine!
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Karen said...

Sounds like it's a tough job. ;-)

I'm not familiar with all of them that you named. I may have to check some of them out when I get a chance.

Red Skelton doesn't make me laugh, either. My dh laughs about watching him as a kid, which I didn't, but the couple times I've seen him, it just wasn't funny.

Terri and Bob said...

Someone's gotta do it!

I love Red Skelton!! But for some reason, and I am embarrassed to admit this, I am drawn to the comedians that are rather on the vulgar side. Isn't that awful?

Don't think poorly of me!

Anonymous said...

Brian Reagan is funny too!!

Kelly said...

I love Red Skelton and I grew up watching him! I haven't even heard of a lot of the people you mentioned.

I didn't find the Victor Borge video funny, but I did like Aaron Willburn's funny song and the Darren Streblow video.

Hope you can get those teens to laugh.

I don't find most things that are considered humorous on todays t.v. and comedy shows funny, and I cringe at the vulgarity of most stand-up comedians today.

lady jane said...

Heard of Tim Hawkins? I just ordered 2 of his dvd's. Looking forward to howling til I have to run to the bathroom - fast! ;o)

Carol said...

Have you ever seen any of Mark Lowry's DVDs? My husband received some of them for Christmas a few years ago. He is so funny! It's hard to believe he's the same guy who wrote 'Mary Did You Know'.


Becky K. said...

Jane, I have seen one or two things from Tim Hawkins... he is really funny.
Getting material on our Co-op budget is part of the struggle...
However, I have purchased a couple of samplers which have a very nice variety of styles and types of humor.

Carol, I love Mark Lowry. I don't own any of his but have borrowed them from the Christian Library in years past. We also went to see him in concert last year when he was here in Lancaster.

Kelly, I think I would have liked Red Skelton on another day. Yesterday...nothing was funny! I don't know why.

Paula, I have never heard of Brian Reagan. Have to check him out.

Karen, I know it is a tough job...but I am up to the challenge!

Terri, You make a very great point. Everyone finds different things funny. I have 7th grade boys up to Senior Girls in the class. It really is interesting what each group finds amusing.

Thanks for commenting everyone.
I ended up reading two Patrick McManus stories and watching some CPR. The 7th grade boys loved the CPR!


Becky K. said...

Evan...You left me a comment but it didn't show up here when I sent it for some reason.

I am going to answer you anyway...

1. I am just attempting to show the class a variety of comedy styles. We have done stand up, improvisation, slapstick, those that work with specific props, ventriloquist(sp?) acts, etc.

2. I would love for the kids to attempt some improv but doubt very much that they would participate with the tendencies toward shyness that they are feeling at this age.

3. I think I know what you mean about being funny or being a comedian. Some people are just naturally gifted comedians. However, there is not one comedian who does not work hard at the craft.

4. I too love "Who's on First!"

Thanks for your comments.


evan mcelrath said...

Oh most definitely comedians work hard.
Wow, improve is in my opinion the hardest to do successfully. So kudo's to those who try it.
That does sound like a fun class. I love comedy, from Monty Python to Jerry Seinfeld. Except prop comics, can't stand the props.