Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shamu! ...and More!!!

On our first day at Seaworld we missed
the Shamu Show, Believe.

So, we really wanted to see it yesterday
on our second day in this park.

We got to the park just about noon, after
grabbing a quick lunch before entering the
park...we found the prices in the park to
be extremely only the kids
ate lunch there on our first visit...yes,
Warren and I are that cheap! lol

For some unknown reason the parking attendant
put a preferred parking pass on our car and
sent us in. We don't know if she was new and
thought that our pre-paid parking pass meant
that we were in preferred parking or if she
was just glad to see us and wanted to give
us a special gift...but we were parked right
at the park entrance! Pretty cool!

First item on the agenda...dolphins!
I am in love!

I love the dolphins,

Our camera...

and underwater viewing!

We went above and the trainers were out playing with the dolphins.
They had these balls and the dolphins would play catch.
The trainer would toss the ball to the dolphin and it would
catch it in its mouth and throw it back to the trainer.
Very cool.
I have mostly video of this...Maybe I can figure
Vimeo out after we get home and post some.
Here are a couple of pictures, though...

While the rest of us were enjoying the dolphin antics, Mikey was going nuts over this little guy. They are very plentiful down here but not at home. We had an aquarium full of these when the kids were little. They are fun to watch but we got very tired of buying crickets for we didn't replace them as they died of old age.
Seeing these little lizards brought back a bunch of good memories for the kids.

Mikey and I also enjoyed the beautiful flowers and scenery.

The Pets Ahoy show uses mostly rescue animals.
They are so wonderful.
It was great to see them perform.
The only mistake in the show...
was a skunk who did not want to do what
it was supposed to do...other than that
these birds, dogs, cats and pot bellied pig
were unbelievable.

Just for fun...

For our friends, Duane and Evan...
The Three Stooges-like Longshoremen...

We saw a show in the Nautilus Theatre.
The show was much better than the photos
I could get in you are spared that.

Then off to Shamu.
We were first in line.
The boys were having fun at this show and
the one at the Nautilus being first and
feeling important. Funny!
So, we had great seats...just outside of the
soak zone. By this time the temperature was

As we were standing in line we could see the
trainers rubbing the killer whales and enjoyed
seeing this interaction.

Then the show began.
Again, here I took a fair amount of video
but here are a couple of stills.

We are now about to begin our last day in Florida.
It has been wonderful...
but we are also ready to see our
friends and our pets at home.

Have an awesome day...wherever you are.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Tracy said...

what a great trip!! My daughter would love the animals!!!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Out of them all Sea World is my favorite park! And i'm just like you, the dolphins are my favorites! I could spend all day there watching them and touching them. They are so beautiful and playful.

It looks like you had a great time in Florida. But home is calling? It's a good sign that you are looking forward to getting home. =)

Thanks for sharing all these pictures.

JD said...

Your photos are great..Looks like your enjoying your vacation! God Bless, Jill

Barb said...

Becky, I am so behind with comments...please forgive me.

Thanks for your lovely comment about is a lovely city. We really enjoy living here.

Have you tried the Holy Land Experience? I haven't been (hope to) but have heard wonderful things about it.

Continue to have fun!!

Hugs, Barb

Mrs. Rabe said...

I love dolphins, they are my favorite sea creature!

So glad you are having a great time!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. I love all animals. What a great vacation you are having! We look forward to seeing you, too.

Sue F said...

We are so very glad to share in your vacation. Chelsea looked like she was enjoying it too! Chelsea, I saw the picture of that hugh roller coaster and am very proud of you for going on it!!
See you all soon.
Jon & Sue