Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

When I showed you the pictures of us in the Restaurant
in Busch Gardens I was so tired that I could not find
the picture of the outside. This is it. Isn't it
beautiful? It all added to the loveliness of the

Yesterday we went to Seaworld Orlando for the first time.
We had been to the one in Ohio when Chelsea was about two.
I love some of the pictures with my Dad and the kids from that
trip...however, since Chelsea is now thirteen this was a much
different adventure.

First thing, they had to try the rides.
The rollercoaster got very high ratings
from all three riders.

We greatly enjoyed the two shows we saw here.
We went to the Whale and Dolphin Show and the Sea Lion
and Otter Show. I always find that the photos of these
shows are a disappointing representation so I am not showing
you many of them. In fact, I didn't bother to take any at
the Sea Lion and Otter Show. The set up wasn't right for that...
and we were too busy laughing until it hurt!

Great stuff!

We saw some sharks in the Shark Encounter...

Lovely seascape...

A "few" penguins...
This was the smelliest exhibit we were in!
Ugghhh....fishy, very fishy!

When you are in this attraction you are on a conveyor belt with a lot of people.
I haven't completely figured out the best camera setting or how to account for the fact that we are moving and the shark or penguin is also moving. But you get the idea...

We will go back to Seaworld at least one more day...
not today, though. We are so tired and need a day
to settle in, get groceries, do some laundry. Just
a calm and cool homemaking day...


Our Timeshare unit is absolutely beautiful!
We love it!
Thanks Mom!

Our serious son wanted to say "Hi!" to
everyone at home...

While a very tired Chelsea loved the bench in front of the huge mirror in the master suite.

This is a wonderful time away from the cares and stresses
that are happening in the world today. We are not totally
unaware, however, and even have concerns of our own.

I do not want anyone to think that we are not in prayer
over the state of our economy or those who are suffering
loss of jobs and savings right now.

There are certainly some grave issues being dealt with
in Washington and I, of course, have many opinions...
but there will be time for spouting off later...

It is merely our intention with these posts to provide a
way for those who care to follow us to see some of the
attractions we visit and stay connected.

SO...hopefully we will manage to come up with some
great photos from our laundry day...
to show you tomorrow.

Perhaps something a little better than that...if our
plans work out!

Stay tuned!
(Dad was in radio, just can't get it out of
my system)
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

That is a beautiful suite! The photo of Jonathan is so funny! Emily noticed in a previous photo and I in this one of Chelsea that she had her hair cut - it looks cute with the layers!

Enjoy your time away and the "rest" that brings! :)

See you Sunday!

Sue F said...

GREAT pictures! Everyon DOES look tired, especially Cheslea. We are praying for a refreshing rest of the week. Enjoy and we miss you all. I did not notice Chelsea's hair cut but now I will go back and look.
Jon & Sue

Judy said...

What a beautiful condo! Enjoy your day of rest... sometimes, we truly need a vacation from our vacations! Chels looks like she could use a day or R&R... maybe a bubble bath in the tub if Jonathon will let her! : )

Terri and Bob said...

Aren't vacations fun?? You are doing some amazing things!

Barb said...

Becky, your pictures are amazing. You are such a dear girl.

You are in my neck of the woods...did you know that? I live in a suburb of Orlando. Continue having a blessed time.

lady jane said...

This is a majorly FUN vacation!

Your timeshare is beautiful..how nice to have "all the comforts of home". :o)

As to the economy, etc...enjoy your vacation, there's time for talking about serious stuff later. :o)

Kelly said...

Great pictures -- the boys got a kick out of the picture of Jonathan in the tub.

Persuaded said...

what fun! my little guy spent the *night* at the aquarium with his cub scout troop and he hasn't stopped talking of it since. he also mentioned that the penguin exhibit was, shall we say... erm, unpleasantly aromatic:P

thanks so much for sharing your fun!