Saturday, March 19, 2016

We Made it Through!!

The past couple of months have been full of stress and distress for others in my house.  With the birthing of a new show at Sight and Sound, wedding preparations and an annual commitment to run sound at our county wide homeschool graduation banquet I've watched my husband, sons, daughter and mom bear burdens that, while normal and very happy, are still heavy.  There have been church projects on the back burner for lack of time...but a big one was resolved yesterday.  It was made much easier to get to due to the use of much of the equipment for that banquet.  All of a sudden it made sense to rearrange the instruments and sound equipment then rather than put it all back as it was and then take it all apart again on another day.  I wish I had taken photos of the before and after....It is very exciting to see the changes.

We aren't yet through the wedding but we have made much progress toward it.  I have a pile of candles to make for the table decor.  That will be fun.  We will do that next week.  Chelsea's Bridal Shower will be held on Sunday evening.  It is not a surprise, which is great for her because the anticipation has brought her so much joy. We are thankful that the initial forecasts of 4-6 inches of snow have been backed off considerably! The Matron of Honor, our daughter in law, Emily, is doing such a wonderful job at making this time special for Chels.  We enjoyed time together last evening...planning.   Honestly, as I reread the beginning of this paragraph I have to say that I don't see the wedding as something to "get through".  It is an honor and a joy that will only happen once for this family since Chelsea is our only daughter.  At this point the date is approaching with alarming speed after such a long time of waiting and waiting.

We are within two weeks of the concert involving my two little choirs.
I say "little choirs" because there will be approximately 22 in each of the two 
choirs this year.  It used to be that I had around 40 in just one of the choirs 
but those kids moved on up to high school and these class sizes are much smaller.
Even so, the quality of the voices didn't suffer.
These kiddos are pretty good.
I love working with them!!
It will be nice to have that weekly commitment done, though, as we get closer
to the wedding and those final details.

The Grad Banquet on Thursday evening came after a very full and long day
for both Warren and I.  We arrived there feeling as if we could just take a nap but
were quickly lifted up as the talents of the students became apparent in their 
sound check.  At that point you just get pulled in and excited for them to get to 
share with their parents and invited guests.
It is also an opportunity to share a very nice meal with friends
that we don't get to see often enough......

This photo was taken during set up and sound check.
The guy on the right is named Caleb. 
The girl on the left is Natalie.
She played violin beautifully in a string trio.
Because of the timing of this banquet each year we always think
Warren shouldn't do it the following year... but then we don't want to miss it 
and figure it won't be quite as stressful the next time.
Ha!  We are crazy.  But there is a good chance if they ask again next year
Warren would say yes. 
We will see!

Early morning yesterday found Jonathan and I at the Emergency Room.  He has been having extreme abdominal pain.  We still don't have all the answers but we are getting closer.  There are more doctors to see and more tests to have run.  Poor guy!  I hate seeing him in such pain.  The doctor came in the room and saw his feet hanging over the edge of the bed and had to make the usual statements about how tall he is. Another nurse, having been sent to start an IV in the "kid in room 13" thought she had the wrong room.  Well, really!  Kid?  He's almost 25 and looks at least 30!  Turns out she was the same age as Jonathan and couldn't believe he'd been called a kid either.  We got a good laugh out of it though.  Those are welcome at times such as these.

At his approximately 6'7" height he is quite used to it.
I am thankful to his boss who came in to cover for him as we rushed to the 
emergency room.  Jonathan was in a bad way.  
Feel free to pray with us that healing will come.
My gentle giant, with a very caring heart, needs relief.

And now I must go prepare to attend the wedding of one of "my" 
shop owners.  I was surprised when she invited me to come...
happily so!
But as she said, we've become friends.
It is true.
And I'm thankful for it!!

See you in the Spring!!
So happy to welcome it this year.


Theresa said...

Busy lady, happy times for all of you:) Hope that tall fella feels much better with each day that passes! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way my friend!

Vee said...

Busy busy busy and some most disconcerting. Praying for Jonathan to get the answers he needs. Can't have a "gentle giant" in pain and not knowing what's going on.

Linda Gross said...

Prayers for answers for Jonathan's pain.