Saturday, March 26, 2016

In Times of Stress.....

All of us react differently.  
But all of us pull together.  

Mikey and Emily brought us dinner and loving support on Thursday evening.  I set the flowers from Chelsea's Bridal shower on the picnic table.  I snapped this picture of my three sons.  Well, Chadd is just about a month away from being our son-in-law.  We already love him as a son and are so very, very grateful for him.  His commitment to the Lord and our daughter have woven him deeply into our hearts.  We stand firmly with him.

The irony of the timing from engagement to accident
Bridal shower to charges is not lost on us.

We feel like we are on the biggest roller coaster of all time.

Some of us go to church in our times of stress.

Last evening was our Good Friday Service.
It was so good to see our church family and let them love on us and pray
for us.  I feel that has been needed way more often over the past two years
with the flooding, sickness and now all of these events.
I was so happy to see that our young friend, Nick, had Grandma Georgia
in prayer with him.
The poor Grandmas are in this with us.
They care so very much!!
I'm thankful to Nick's sensitivity to that fact.

Chelsea stress bakes.
I stress eat.
Goodbye for now weight loss.....
I'll see you again.

This bowl full of sugar cookies headed to work with her today.

This sweet one was hand cute!!

I find myself reaching back over the years for the altars of rememberance
of how God brought us through other deep times.

Jonathan's rough start with a Diaphragmatic Hernia.
House Sale Troubles.
The two year season we went through as our dads fell ill and passed away.
Chelsea's Anorexia battle.
The flooding.
The sicknesses of the past year.
The accident and Chadd's survival.

There are many.
He is in control.
We trust His heart even as we don't understand
the events in front of us.

Please keep praying.

May God bring us strength, peace and courage in the 
days, weeks and months ahead.
We are praying that lives will be changed for the better in the process.
We firmly believe that all things DO indeed happen according to 
His will and purpose for the GOOD of those He has called.

Even as we say


Vee said...

Things like meals together with flowers on the table and beautiful cookies, music, fellowship, prayer, they all minister to the family. You have had such a long time of testing and challenges. Praying for better days, much better days, ahead.

Deanna Rabe said...

Praying with you. God Knows even when we don't.


LV said...

You are very blessed with such a caring and faithful family.

Theresa said...

Praying for ALL of you! Have a blessed Easter dear friend, HUGS!

Doris said...

I can relate with your words. I'll keep praying even though I don't know for wonderful a God we serve who knows ALL!
Blessings to your family during these busy and exciting days.