Monday, March 28, 2016

Goodwill Find....First in a Long Time

I've been spending more time in second hand shops lately looking for lace and serving pieces for the wedding.  Lace for the table decor and serving pieces for the appetizer segment of the wedding festivities.

This little sweetheart caught my eye.
Not really for the wedding.
Although, I wouldn't mind if Chelsea found a use for it there.
I just really liked it.

Today we got discounted Easter Hershey Kisses.
The blue and pink ones pretty much disappeared to a wedding project.
So I get the green ones and a few pink stragglers for the basket.
I'll take them.

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Linda Gross said...

I have a similar basket. Never thought to put candy in it. When I decorate for Easter, I place decorative eggs inside it. The eggs were made by Bob's mother years ago and are very delicate.