Friday, March 11, 2016

Samson Review....

This review is not unbiased.  It is unabashedly influenced by the fact that six of our family circle work there and many of our friends do so as well.  We have a vested interest in the success of each and every show.  Even so, we have opinions and like some shows better than others.  That is perfectly normal.  That said, Samson is a very captivating show!  I will enjoy it much more next time as I was so tense this first time, knowing there were scenes coming up which had potential to be frightening.  There was even a disclaimer at the front of the show about the safety of the effects having been tested repeatedly.... as the walls DO come down in the end.  Crazy cool and not so scary!

But that is the end....let me back up to the overall themes of the show.  A relationship between a father and son.  The heartbreak of a prodigal.  The depths of the pit that we can sometimes have to go through for our own good.  And how God will keep His word and accomplish His purposes.

I had hoped that perhaps this would be the first Sight and Sound production that I might make it through without tears.  Alas, I will have to try for that the next time.  However, the tears came at an unexpected point in the show.  I'm not going to give that moment away. It was powerful and beautifully written.

There are many laughs! Which is good because Samson is indeed a rather dark story.  The writers managed to add humor without distracting from the story.  A tricky feat well accomplished.

I loved seeing one of my little music students acting last evening, although I have to say that it is a bit sad that then I had to miss her in class yesterday due to the final run through yesterday afternoon.  Her father is also an actor in the show.  How sweet that they get to act in the same production.  She has done some shows at another local theater without him.  She's awesome, I tell ya!

There are two sets of music that stand out for me as just amazing.  At one point the family sings a song together and the harmonies are melt your heart beautiful.  Definitely my favorite.  Coming in second had to be the duets that Samson and Delilah sing.  They are modern sounding and their voices blend well in harmonies.  Yep!  I'd go back just to hear those two sets of music.....if for no other reason.

Finally, another reason I would watch this show again?  The "foxes".  For what seems like years...and may well be two years....there have been some special dogs in training to play the foxes that are lit on fire and therefore light the fields ablaze.  Everyone has wondered how these high spirited dogs would perform.  Well, they did it perfectly!  When choosing dogs for performing this breed is not one that one would have chosen first.  But they went for the look of them and it worked.

                                                      Warren's Mom, Georgia on the left

and my Mom, Ruth, on the Right.
I can't imagine that they planned to match so perfectly....
but then again I call them "Mom's in Stereo" because when one calls or shows 
up at our house the other does the opposite. 
Almost without fail. 
It is too funny.
Here they are on the Red Carpet.
We didn't get our photos taken on it but am glad they did.  
Then you get to see that fun!

It was such a beautiful March evening.

A new workspace for those who make the almonds.
Chelsea is one of those....she will spend a lot of time in this pretty new space.
How fun!

We are all breathing a sigh of relief to have the show through that first performance
with an audience.  Tonight is VIP night and they will do it all again.

Today is also our anniversary.
Warren and I are celebrating 27 years of marriage.
It hasn't always been easy....
but we are still best friends and wouldn't have it 
any other way!!

It is also my mother's birthday!
Each year she just loves to celebrate 
that best birthday gift I've ever
given her.
An amazing son-in-law.



Vee said...

Happy Anniversary! That was a fun review and makes me want to see this show. Your mothers are both adorable!

Deanna Rabe said...

We are going to see it next week! Very excited about that!

Lindsay, was still in animal handling when they got the dogs and started to train them. She was really looking forward to that last night!

Terra Hangen said...

The gals in purple look very pretty on the red carpet. I like that shawl on the left, nice and dressy. Happy anniversary to you two.

Sherry said...

...27 ♥'s for 27 years.
bless you both dearly.

Linda Gross said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

The moms look great in purple.

Maybe if ne day my husband and I will see a show there. It is always sitting in a back burner to plan a trip over that way.

Carol Z said...

The play sounds terrific. So glad there is lots to celebrate. Here's to all the happy celebrations in the very near future.

Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary to you two and Happy Birthday to your Mom! I would love to see that show! It sounds like a wonderful production! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!