Tuesday, March 8, 2016

No Flower Spoilers BUT Something Amused Me

As I told you yesterday we went to choose flowers and to discuss how many arrangements and bouquets would be needed.  The wholesaler is in York and Divine Florals is in Lancaster.
That is not a problem.  We just met at the warehouse in York and had our discussions.

I'm using this photo because in it you can see the seriousness and intensity
that was involved in these discussions.
Aren't they adorable?

Susan is near genius when it comes to knowing how to put flowers together
and figure out what the bride wants. 
Chelsea is pretty quiet but Susan was easily able to get to the heart of the 
options and hear from Chelsea what she liked and didn't like.
She was also very agreeable to use just the things that Chelsea loves
without fussing about her own personal preferences.
I know that the end result would be perfect either way but by approaching it 
this way Susan has no doubts about Chelsea and Chadd's loving it!

Chadd may look a bit disconnected in this photo but he was not.
He had a thought that led to one of the best ideas of the day....

I took no photos of flowers so I'm not tempted to post any spoilers.
That is driving me crazy at the moment.
But, we are just weeks away from being able to show the finished results so....

Now, there is something else to notice about this photo.
I cropped it in tighter so you will easily be able to see what was so amusing.

In this world of technology and computers I found this floral warehouse's order system
completely amusing and charming.
Between Chelsea and Susan is a clip on a rope.
As I stood and listened to the conversation something behind them caught my eye.
It was a bunch of papers being lowered on this clip.
Immediately following the lowering of the papers a cowbell was rung and a person
above who had not been noticed disappeared into a room behind glass.
Then the papers just hung there swinging hypnotically until an elderly gentleman
approached and unclipped them.
He brought them to the table where we were working and we were pointed to another nearby 
table just before women descended with bunches and bunches of flowers
to prepare the order for which those papers were meant.

Everything moved like clockwork.
You could tell that each worker knew exactly what their job was and there
was very little conversation as they got to it.

But it was that order drop system that completely made me giggle.
I'll bet it works even better than if there was a computer station at every table.
Super charming and heartwarming in this world of digital everything!


Sherry said...

thank you for allowing us to have a peek into their wedding plans. it's all part of establishing a new home for their joined hearts. lovely. :)

Deanna Rabe said...

I've experienced that there! It's all going to be so beautiful!

Vee said...

I think computers are often way too distracting and people waste time on them. Yikes! I just diagnosed my own condition. *cough* *sputter*

Theresa said...

What a wonderful day:) I love flowers and it is such a gift to be able to put the wedding pieces together perfectly! Sounds like these people know their "stuff"! Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait to see the flowers:) HUGS!