Friday, March 4, 2016

Want a Good Laugh at My Expense?

A few weeks ago our shower head broke inside the wall and I heard 
water pouring down into the basement.
It was one of those incredulous moments because we had 
maintained a dry basement during the incredible storms
and were so happy about that.
But then......

Well, it wasn't a big deal.  Buckets caught the water and it turns out
I had heard it right after it started so damage was minimal.
Warren turned off the water to the shower and so our biggest
inconvenience was borrowing the Grandma's showers.
They are nice like that!

Here's where it gets amusing.
As we stood in the laundry room looking up into the ceiling
Warren told me that if I could get the shelves clear during the day
he would be able to get to the problem and fix it.

I felt that was a fair deal so I got to work removing the 
kids homeschool portfolio's from the shelves in the laundry room.
I sorted through photos, papers and even dishes that were on 
those shelves.

I found some this:

I was just pregnant with Jonathan in this photo.

As I did so I wondered why these shelves had to be empty for him 
to work on the shower plumbing.  I decided that apparently that stuff 
was at risk of getting dripped on as he worked.  Or maybe he needed 
to reach up past those shelves to get to the pipe.

Later as we sat enjoying dinner he mentioned that as soon as the two middle
shelves were empty he could get to work.
Two middle shelves?
That didn't compute.

Then it hit me!
He meant the two shelves in the bathroom closet!!
There is an opening to the shower plumbing UP THERE.
Good grief!!

I'm such a goober.

My heart is in the right place.
He got such a laugh about that even as he wondered how
he married someone who could be so very clueless.

I would contend that I didn't start out this clueless....
I've just gotten used to his taking care of these kinds of things
and have lost my common sense about them.

My story.
I'm sticking to it!!
We will celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary 
on March 11th.
I've been well taken care of.....and I know it!


Theresa said...

Well, at least you got to take a walk down memory lane:) Love it! Have a blessed day and hope the shower is fixed! HUGS!

Linda Gross said...

I like your find :)

JD/ Jill said...

Oh Becky, it sounds like something I would do!
The picture of the two of you is so nice, what a great memory to find.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Vee said...

What a cute picture! Nothing is ever wasted so even though you didn't quite know what needed doing, you got a lot done! LOL!