Monday, March 7, 2016

Looking At Flowers and The Dress Hunt is Over!

We are looking forward to our afternoon.
Part of it, at least, will be spent in a large flower warehouse
choosing the flowers for the wedding.

Chelsea gave me pause last evening when she reminded me
that the wedding is just 7 weeks from now.
It sounds farther when you say the number of days.
But I am very aware of how quickly weeks FLY by.
Seven will be here and gone before we know it!

She will then be Mrs. Pham.



She is going to be a very good wife, I think.

Each day brings new fun wedding stuff to think about and plan.
And so today as we go off to choose flowers it will be a 
beautiful and special kind of a day.

Our friend, Susan, has begun her formal business
called Divine Florals.
I'm so glad to see it!
She is just so talented and great at what she does.
Let me share some of her work.....

 Photo courtesy Olivia Rae Craft Photography.

 Photo Source: Divine Florals

 Our friend, Emma and her groom, Vinnie.

My daughter in love, Emily's bouquet.  She chose some very unique flowers
that had to be shipped in from Central America.  

Chelsea is going for a simple but elegant look.
However, flowers are key to the decor and so 
we are most excited to see if what we envision in our heads 
can be as beautiful in person.

My guess?
It will be even better.

I finally have the dress I will wear to the wedding.
Actually, I have two....but I do think I've decided on the one.
It is navy blue and a very classic knee length.
Not the fancy dress I thought I wanted but I've tried enough of them on 
to know that they aren't me.
Much better to just be myself and focus on my girl on that day
than be all out of sorts and miserable.
I know you will be so happy that I've come to my senses. 
Oh, the drama!


Deanna Rabe said...

Susan does such beautiful work! I love the wholesale flower place. I wish I was going with you!


Vee said...

Come to your senses? Oh you made me laugh. I know that you'll be lovely and devote all your attention to the bride on her day. I never thought that you were wallowing in drama. Sounds as if you are all right on track with wedding plans and that all will be a wonderful celebration.

I was just telling Mrs.Rabe that I can't wait to see wedding photos and here I find them. =D

Karen said...

Oh my goodness! Can't believe it's coming so quickly!

Glad you found the right dress. That's a big thing off the list.

Those flowers are beautiful-can't wait to see what Chelsea's flowers look like. I know it will be lovely as Chelsea has an artist's eye.

Theresa said...

I love picking wedding things out, flowers, cakes and party favors:). Soooooo much fun. Can't wait to see the flowers you all choose! Enjoy every moment, it just goes by too fast.