Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lovin' Life, Feelin' Dizzy and Limpin' Hubby

We are in such a special time of our lives.  Getting ready for the marriage of our baby girl and having resounding success of my little candle business.  Warren is in the thick of the transition from one hit show to another at Sight and Sound.  I mean, I can't imagine Samson not being a hit.  It is going to be the most interactive and stunning show yet.

We are beyond blessed.

Chelsea and Chadd signed the lease on an apartment yesterday.  He will move in soon.  Chelsea got permission to do a little cosmetic work in the bathroom of their first place.  The landlady said she wouldn't let "just anyone" do it.  :-)  I love that they have found favor with the landlords already.  It became evident pretty quickly when Chelsea was asked if she required a new stove to move in and she said no.  Chelsea said it would be very nice but it wasn't a deal breaker.   Well, there is a new stove!  We are so thrilled that they will be in a very nice apartment with sweet landlords and I know they will make us so proud in how they interact with those they come in contact with there.

The feelin' dizzy part?  It's literal.  Every morning I wake up between 4 and 5 am with a balance issue.  I'm thinking it is likely the result of inner ear congestion left over from the horrific cold I had recently.  I hope that's all it is....because it will likely resolve itself if that is it.  I'm pretty tired of it, though.  If you have any suggestions that don't involve netti pots I'm interested.  I can't bring myself to pour water up my nasal passages.  I've tried.  Really, I have.

We got good news on Warren's painful leg yesterday.  The poor guy has been limping around like crazy.  The other night his leg was all swollen up and I had to play nurse and get him settled into the recliner with an ice pack. According to the doctor it seems most likely he is just having an arthritis attack with the aggravation of a sprain.  It is on the mend and hopefully with the brace he is now sporting he will be good as new very soon.  Whew!  I had him all in surgery and with a new knee.  It's all good!

I'm hoping he is all better soon because the "honey do" list is getting longer.  Haha!  Poor guy.  There is no rest for the weary around here.  But seriously, we are about to get back to work on the basement which flooded just a little less than a year ago now.  It is so hard to work around Jonathan's sleeping schedule and Warren's work schedule.  Sound weird?  Well, it isn't that strange.  Jonathan works overnights Thursday - Sunday, which means we have a quiet house Friday - Monday.  Guess when Warren is around to work on home projects.  Yep!  Tricky, tricky.  But we are going to find a way.  And it will work for everyone.

So, that's the scoop on what's going on around here.  We may not be rich, influential, shaking up the world, or making the news (thank God!!) but we are blessed, happy and totally in love with each other and our family.  It's a great life!  I'm just putting my own "spin" on it.  Pun intended.


Linda said...

It is wonderful that the landlady likes Chelsea! I think when a landlord finds a good renter, someone who treats the place like home, they are willing to go above and beyond. My friend's landlord takes good care of her, but I know others who just don't know how to take care of the space they are in and nothing good ever comes of it. I've never tried a netti pot and I 'ain't gonna'. Good luck with the dizziness.

Vee said...

Nice that there is a nice apartment at the ready for the newlyweds. Chelsea is going to enjoy making it a home.

I wish that I had advice for the dizziness, but I only pretend to be a health professional. =D I was dizzy all Saturday and wound upmwearing a collar to keep me from bending. Feeling fine today.

Sorry that Warren was injured. Hope that he is back to tip-top shape soon. There's enough excitement at your house!