Thursday, January 28, 2016

There Wasn't Going to Be a Flower Girl

For real.  Chelsea and Chadd didn't want a flower girl.  I have no idea why, except that perhaps they just envisioned it differently.  But then.....Chelsea started babysitting J.  And Chelsea fell head over heels in love with this child.  They are so compatible.  Both appreciate quiet.  Both seem to enjoy baking together.  They are both petite. And both love all things girly.

So, the other day when Chelsea and I were at a local Bridal boutique to look for my dress we saw a flower girl dress and I brought up that it wasn't too late if Chelsea wanted to have a flower girl.  She jumped on the idea if J would be allowed to be the one.

The parents were consulted.  They agreed.  And now we have ourselves an adorable little flower girl.
You will just have to imagine how cute she is in the dress we found the other day.  We are keeping that dress a secret.  But I will show you the runner up.

This one was adorable, precious and not a thing wrong with it.
The chosen one is just better 
for the wedding theme
and location.
It is also better on J.
We were all smitten.
Little J was spinning in front of a full length mirror in "the" dress while still 
wearing her snow boots and jeans underneath. 
There was no dressing room so we had to do a quick change behind clothing
racks with the store employees permission.

Chelsea and J. were in agreement.
They loved the dress.
And so, for just $33, on sale, we found a flower girl's dress.
Just like that.
Our first trip out.

She's obviously easier to fit than I.
But then, how boring would it be if I found the perfect
dress right away?


And since the Mother of the Bride position isn't optional
in this case I'll keep on searching.
I'm pretty sure Chelsea and Chadd won't decide they just
don't need one of those.


Sherry said...

oh the sweetness of this addition to the wedding story...

Linda Gross said...

I enjoy each post about wedding day preparations.

Theresa said...

Yee Haw! A flower girl, precious and sweet:) Can't wait! I know you all are getting excited! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Nancy's Notes said...

Nothing like a precious flower girl in a wedding! She'll never forget it!