Friday, January 8, 2016

Thoughtful Gift....Proud Mama Post

This is page one of the Christmas gift that brought me to tears this year.
A Mikey and Emily Calendar.
I'm 99 percent sure they didn't think this would be that meaningful to me.
But they just didn't know.
I'm so very proud of both of them.
How they have grown and continued to love each other deeply through
their first year and a half of marriage.

There is another page coming up in a few months of Michael and his grandmothers.
It was my undoing.
Both on Christmas Day and the next as I looked through the calendar again.
There's just something about a boy and his Grandmas.

I insisted that we weren't going to actually use this gift as it would get marked up.
I was immediately taken to task about that.
Chelsea didn't want me to take it to my workshop...which was where I wanted to hang it.
She wants to enjoy it too.
Emily was amazed and maybe offended that I wouldn't use the calendar as a calendar.
And so it is in the kitchen and it makes me happy.

We are writing each appointment with great care.
So far, it is still looking great.
I'm not picky about much -
but on this one thing......

Thank you, Michael and Emily for such a thoughtful gift.


Doris said...

Precious!! A forever treasure for sure.

Amy said...

Precious, the faces of the people that we love.