Thursday, January 14, 2016

Whatever It Takes

Our new session of the local ladies Bible Study has begun.  Yesterday somewhere around one hundred women met to worship and choose our classes for the next several weeks.  I am taking a study by Priscilla Shirer on The Armor of God.  The only other study of hers that I've taken was Gideon and it was great.  Some video guided studies make me twitch.  I don't know why....but Priscilla has the opposite effect on me.  I could watch and watch her.  The truths that she shares always seem fresh and relevant.  I think a lot of it is that it doesn't seem that she talks down to her audience but shares with enthusiasm what she is learning as well.  Anyway, most of that is just personal preference on my part so I won't make a huge deal out of it.  Just know that I will look forward to each of our seven weeks.

This morning I sat down to work on my homework.  It was on the subject of prayer and our need to understand what power is available to us for our defense from that which would destroy.  The spiritual warfare which is constantly at work to steal our joy.  I don't know about you but I am not one who is all that faithful to a structured daily study.  I know that I am in communion with my Lord much of the time throughout the day but to actually sit down and study...not so much.  There is a lot of homework to go along with a study such as this and Priscilla encouraged us to avoid the pressure to finish the work and to rather enjoy the process of time with the Lord in studying.  And so I came to this study this morning with that in mind.  That I would just want to spend special time with my Lord.

Well, pretty soon, a fluffy black dog was attempting to get to me on the couch.  She tried from the left across the couch a few times but was turned back due to my study materials in her way and my desire for her not to step on all of them.  I had a reprieve as she backed off to some other point and so I forgot about her as I studied.  All of a sudden there was a paw on my shoulder and an inquiring face right in mine.  "Please, Mom?  I've come all the way across the back of the sofa?"  I opened my arms to her and she snuggled in.  A look of contentment and happiness on her cute little foxy face.  Then it hit me.  That's how I should be.  So desiring to be in His my pup wants to be with me....that I'll MAKE a way.  I'll clear the time.  In this case I'll agree to be a small group leader so that I know I will do the work each week.  :-)

Your prayers are welcomed as I seek to have the discipline, and even better, desire to spend structured time with the Lord each day.  I do not want to do this out of obligation or some legalism but rather in a way that shows Him, and reminds me, how much I want to just be in His presence.


Vee said...

Good plan! (Signing up to be a group leader.) What a great analogy just when you were starting out with this new adventure. All good things to you as you dig deeper. Don't forget to share!

Carol Z said...

You and your family have my prayers, but I will add this request. So grateful for my blog friends!