Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Storm Is Over

It was great to wake up to this scene.
Beautiful untouched white snow.
Blue skies.

This is looking out our front window.
You are seeing our yard, the road and the huge field we enjoy across the street.
I point out the road because it would be easy to miss it.
I'm not sure that it is passable yet.
I know that it doesn't matter for us because we have not yet dug the cars out.

That is going to take a while....

Church is cancelled for the day.

The huge drifts that were carefully placed outside our back door by the crazy winds.
They are almost as tall as I am.

It is just so pretty with blue skies and sunshine!
Please pray for all who will be doing the heavy work of removing snow. 
It is exertion that is more than most of us do on a daily basis.


Vee said...

Hope that you all paced yourselves and made it as fun as possible. It sure is pretty...all that white and blue!

Sherry said...

holy moly!