Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Invisible Chelsea

As I've said before, Chelsea is on a break from her theater job while they build
the new show, Samson,
She will go back to work there in March.

But in the meanwhile there is no sitting still for this one.
She is doing some part time babysitting for the youngest daughter of 
some long time friends.

They are having so much fun together.
They have baked.

They have colored, watched movies, exercised, played Legos,
and more.

Most recently we all went out to do errands.  
I needed to visit the chiropractor as my neck and back were screaming at me.
Beware of new pillows.
Sometimes they are not "all that".  
Anyway, we were about to leave the Chiropractor's office when 
in walked Beverly!
She is the lady with whom I started Good Neighbors Candle.
Beverly has known Chelsea for oh, so many years.
But she never "saw" her.
Because Chelsea had a little girl with her and so was not on Bev's radar.
She and I talked for about five minutes with Chelsea and J just to our right
and Bev never made the connection.
We got such a giggle out of that.

We went on to Starbucks.
Of course.
Where Chelsea and J got treats.
They make the cutest children's hot chocolate cups.
Who knew?
Anyway, since J and I stayed in the car everyone 
who already knows Chelsea there saw her and it was all normal.

Next up, Target.
We did our shopping and were waiting to check out when I saw a friend
from the ladies Bible Study I spoke about yesterday.
Chelsea has watched her children at the Bible Study for many years.
She would recognize her in a heartbeat...
but we are convinced that she never looked at her because she had 
a child with her.
Spoke to me for more than a minute.
Never saw Chelsea.
Oh my goodness it was funny.

Now we know what Chelsea has to do if she ever wants to be invisible.
Borrow a child.
Others may notice them.... but not people who know her.
She just becomes "a mom of a toddler" 
and thus, not Chelsea.


Vee said...

It's a classic case of the disappearing woman...I find it troubling.

Say, did you happen to see the photo of my nan featured Monday? She really reminds me of Chelsea. It could be just me.

Theresa said...

Oh that's funny:) Chelsea is a busy girl! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Kelly said...

Such a cute and funny story!