Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter is Here.......Finally

I'm not Winter's biggest fan.  However, I am willing to see some good things about it.  One of which is snuggly pets.  When I am able to sit on the couch I am never alone.  Tidbit has given up the heated bed as the cold air off the window makes her less comfortable that she can be snuggled up with me....or her buddy, Oliver.

He seemed a bit embarrassed when he woke up and realized where he was.
But it was mighty cute.

Yesterday before it became bitterly cold I was out for a walk.
I came across this pretty reflection in a puddle.

A neighbor was walking his dog toward me and I could tell he 
wondered why I was taking a photo of the road.  :-) 
 I think most of the neighbors are used to my camera craziness by now.

I would have taken photos of the actual sky and trees except that neighbor and his nippy dog were 
getting too close.   I fear that dog since he bit Mikey some years ago.
I do like the neighbor and I don't mind the dog if it is safely in its yard or on its leash.

On a completely different subject.....cake!!
This is the cake that Warren and I will be eating at Chelsea and Chadd's wedding.
Well, not THIS cake because it is already gone.
But the Cookies and Cream cake is our hands down favorite of all Chelsea has tried.
She wrote a blog post that includes her favorite.

Tonight I am just sitting here trying to appreciate the warmth of our home.
I can hear the wind blowing out there.
There is even a real feel of the cold air coming through the large window behind my head.
Warren is in the recliner.
For once we aren't rushing off somewhere.
That is the great thing about winter weather.
We stay put.

The kids, not so much.
Chelsea and Chadd are off celebrating the birthday of a friend.
But they are young.
Let them have their fun.  
They have amazing friends!
We couldn't be happier with those they choose to spend 
time with.

We are supposed to get a significant snow storm, or two, 
Friday and Saturday.
The current map says that we will be in the heaviest part.
There is much to do before that snow comes....Wednesday Bible Study 
and on Thursday the start up of the Winter semester of home school co-op where I'll 
be teaching music again.  We will begin working on our songs for the Spring Concert.
That will be FUN.  My heart is so blessed by the children learning songs 
with rich lyrics.  Knowing that they will carry them with them for life is all the reward
I need for the work that goes into these days.

Stay warm....if Winter is coming to you!


Theresa said...

Warm and cozy inside sounds perfect to me:) That cake looks really yummy! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

Yes, that storm is barreling along, isn't it? It may be that it slips off south of us, which would not hurt my feelings. Still, there's an excitement in a coming snow event as long as you have everything milk, eggs, bread, and chocolate. Yay for finding "the cake." It has to be delicious. We are having such troubles with dogs on the loose. An ongoing situation and one that fries my franny.

Linda Gross said...

Stay safe and warm in the storm! I loved the picture of the reflection in the puddle.