Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Belt of Truth

Ahhhh....such good times.

Not easy.
Priscilla doesn't give you all of the answers.
She asks a lot of questions.
Questions that make you think all day long.

This week's lesson begins by talking about putting on 
the Belt of Truth.

Big deal.
I've heard it all my life.
Rolled like water off a duck's back.
Until I read the questions in my lesson.

That, and the other way of putting this ...
"girding your loins".
Also a term I've heard all my life.
Tried not to think on this one too much.
It sounds icky, right??

Well, Priscilla asks why we are instructed to start with this item
for the waist.  She points out that our waist area is our core area.
Without strong muscles and protection at our core the rest of us
is meaningless.  Good point!  I've been working on my core muscles
due to some post op complications that require my attention.
It is amazing how much difference the strengthening of those muscles
makes in my daily life.

Now, to put on a belt of truth, or to gird my loins with truth has new meaning.
Truth has to come first. 
How else would we know what our battle is for?
Weapons mean nothing without a proper purpose.
How would we recognize the enemy?

Oh goodness.
I confess that when I first read the questions in our lessons I left
a bunch of stuff blank.
I needed to think on it for a while.
And I'm glad I did.

This may seem simple and not profound to you....
if you don't ponder it, it will.
But over time this worms its way in deep to your thoughts
and makes wonderful sense.

Now I hate to move forward because I just want to keep 
digging deeper into this wonderful truth about truth.

Gird your loins, people!
Our world needs more warrior princesses 
who are starting from 
the right place!!


Sherry said...

i need another cup of liquid life before i delve into this deep post...i have a feeling i'm going to glean a nugget that'll change my heart. hugs.

Vee said...

I remember teaching this to children once. A literal girding of the loins meant pulling the back of the garment to the front and tying it into a knot so that the race or the job at hand could be accomplished without "the robe" hindering. I need to get out my Strong's. If you get some more meaning, please fill us in.