Thursday, February 4, 2016

Losing the Dizzies and Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Whew!  This was my worst episode of vertigo ever.  And I started getting episodes of it in my 20's so I know a bit about vertigo.  But a trip to the doctor and a strong course of steroids seems to be knocking it out.  Unfortunately this was not the kind that can be fixed by either of the series of maneuvers that helps if the crystals are displaced.  This was from clogged tubes in my inner ear.  I've heard of many, many cases of it right now and suspect that it is a part of the current virus that is going around.   Whatever the case it is so good to be able to walk without fear again.  I'm still being cautious about looking up and down since they are still triggers.  On Sunday I looked up to see a plane going over and ended up falling onto the hood of our van and holding on for dear life.  That's how Warren found me.  Haha.  I was so glad he came along to help me get into the house.  It is just so weird to feel like your body is trying to throw you to the ground as hard as it can.  But I know many of you suffer from this as well and it is more of a nuisance than a danger.  I just take a lot of care to have something to grab onto so that I don't fall down steps or somewhere else where I might get hurt.

Yesterday I was so thankful to be able to go to Change of Pace.  That Bible study is so good.  It was strange, though, to have a newspaper photographer in our faces as we led worship.  I'm "in our faces".  Worries me for what might appear in our local paper this weekend.  However, it is that our local paper is interested in this community study.  They are fascinated at the fact that this many ladies from so many churches have gathered together for years and years to sing, pray and study The Word together.  I hope lots and lots more ladies see the article and come out to join us!  Any humiliation is worth that.

My small group is bonding and learning together.  This study on the Armor of God is practical and so helpful in times of frustration and stress.  I found myself worrying about being late yesterday and words from the lessons come back to keep my stresses well under control.  When our small group sat around our table we talked about having an action plan for those times when we are attacked with doubt, worry or fear.  Due to the Winter storm we had last week we weren't able to meet to talk about the Belt of Truth and so that was our subject yesterday.  For all of us who tend to worry it is so key that we already have that belt on our spiritual waist so that we are able to withstand those attacks by employing the truths established in the Word. Some have special verses they turn to which they shared with us.  At least two came from the book of Isaiah.  I love that Old Testament remains relevant to us.  Oh, so relevant.

Last evening we headed over to Chelsea and Chadd's new apartment to do some work on the bathroom.  Chadd moved in Monday and so we have been over there a good bit.  Chelsea worked and worked at getting the wallpaper off the walls.  Thankfully it was a pretty easy removal job as they go.  We have had much worse experiences in our many years of home rehabs!  Now to choose the paint color and get that project all finished up.  I love this cute little apartment.  What a sweet nest for them to begin together in just a few months.

Today I will take my friend to work and then head over to co-op to teach my choirs their new music. It seems that they are going to do great.  Last year I didn't have an accompanist until the very end and so spent countless frustrated moments trying to work with background tracks while teaching.  This year I can look at dear Johanna and say, "Would you be able to transpose that?" and she sweetly says "Let me try" and then makes it look easy.  Ahhhhh, I am one blessed choir teacher!!  I could do this forever.  One class has 24 students and the other 26.   They are very nice group sizes.  Usually the older class is a bit larger.  But, I'm telling you that each group sounds very nice.  Sweet, sweet voices.  It was also fun to have a voice student here this week who is making beautiful progress.  We did a "before" videotape of one of her favorite songs and I cannot wait to see the after when she adds her personality to the song.  She is full of personality and drama and this is going to be good!

Yesterday I headed back to the candle workshop to get some orders underway and room sprays mixed up for the shops.  Fresh Vintage by Amy is almost sold out of the French Lavender spray and there was a request at The Painted Chair for Lilac room spray.  Both are made and I look forward to getting them delivered this week.  Hopefully I'll make it to the Painted Chair this morning before heading out to take Mindy to work.

I also must get back to the candle workshop to make multiple orders and some special requests from Back Home Again in Lititz.  We'll be making a Boutique line there.  Also at Fresh Vintage by Amy we are working on a special project that will be fun to reveal.

So you can see that there just isn't time to be dizzy.  I'm so thankful for doctors and the tools they have to help us heal.  I think I want to look up Luke when I get to Heaven and see what medical knowledge he utilized back in the days when Jesus walked this earth.   Well, probably not because there will be no sickness in Heaven.  But, still, it would be cool just to chat.  And since we will have forever it might happen.  :-)

Heaven is greatly on my mind since I lost a friend two weeks ago under very sad circumstances.  Her pastor relayed a vision shared by her sister that was just beautiful.  One in which my friend crossed over and all of her pains, worries, anxieties and griefs were removed from her and she entered her new home singing praises.  Don't you love how God meets those who grieve?  He is so good!

Well, I've been quite chatty today.  Hope you are doing well.  It it time to get myself off this couch and on with this very full day.  Hoping your day is full of those things that make your heart sing.


Gayla said...

Glad you are feeling better. I have had vertigo for several years. Then it went away. Now since staying in the hospital I get it every time I lie down. It feels as if the world is just waiting for someone to pull the pin and let it spin. I think it may be an ear thing! You may have helped me here. Enjoy the new nest prep.

Vee said...

Sad to hear about the loss of a friend, yet what an entrance to Glory singing praises.

Oh my! You really do have a case of the dizzies. Being tossed onto the hood from just looking up to see a plane...yikes! Very glad that the meds are working.

Take it easy down there... Perhaps wearing a collar would be helpful for you for the next couple of days.

Kelly said...

So glad you are feeling better!

It's also very nice that the landlord doesn't mind Chelsea taking the wallpaper off and painting. It's always nice to be able to make a house into your own home. Not all landlords are so kind.