Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lengths....

I am in the midst of a very, very busy week.

And yet, when I received a custom request from a friend
I had to take it on.
Not just to whip it out and drop it off.
But to make something very, very special.

You see a baby had come too soon.
He didn't make it.
This family member was looking for a candle
that had special information and a particular 
flower on the label.

The information is easy.
The flower, a blue glad, not so much.

After doing some searches for clip art
and not finding any that did the job I was frustrated.
Chelsea asked if she could run to Longwood Gardens
yesterday afternoon and I suggested I go along and 
see if they happened to have any blue glads.
We contacted our faithful sidekicks, 
the grandmas, 
and they joined us.

Imagine my excitement as we came up the brick walk and 
I saw purple glads ....

then in the distance orange ones.
I became very hopeful that they would have some 
of the elusive blue variety.
Alas, no.

However, an employee was pulling out some white ones 
and we asked if we could use one for photos.
She agreed.
Georgia held it for me and I snapped away.

Along the way there was another grouping of white glads.
This is where I captured the perfect shot.

The ones that would become blue.

So, eventually we made our way home and I began
working on the photos.

The white glad.....

Now blue, thanks to Picmonkey.
I'm still learning all that can be done with this program.
In this case I used the eye color boost portion of the 
program to paint the flowers.
I was so happy to see that it shaded without wiping 
out the detailing on the flowers which would 
have been unacceptable.

Now, this tiny life will be honored as his 
great auntie wishes.
Technology is so cool when it works!

If you ask me what I love about my job...
it is this!
Bringing comfort.
Sending love to family and friends.
I have prayed over candles as they left my 
home headed to someone's family member who
needed to reconnect.

It is about the people, people!
That's what I love........


Theresa said...

Beautiful creation from your heart to theirs! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful that you could do this, Becky. It's lovely.
~ Zuzu

Susy said...

Bless you Becky for your loving care. May the Lord supernaturally stretch your day.

"He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed"

~PJ said...

I hope your work of art can become a part pf that families healing process. Much love and prayers for them.

sammysgrammy said...

Your blog journal is always so inspiring.

MYSAVIOR said...

Becky - what a beautiful tribute. It has touched my heart.


Vee said...

Becky, that is just so cool and I would never have known that those glads were not naturally blue, if you hadn't told us. Amazing and very well done.