Monday, August 13, 2012

My Darling Mother Did It!

She jumped out of a plane.
With a parachute and a guy attached.
He was the jump master.

The day was a hundred times better than the 
last time she was scheduled to jump.
This time it was in the mid eighties
and the humidity was much

Not everything about the flight was 
While Mom really enjoyed the view
she was quite upset in the stomach
when they got back to the ground.
I hear this is fairly common and was probably made
worse by the fact that it was late afternoon
and she hadn't eaten anything since breakfast.
Or, could have just been the fact that when the 
time came to leave the plane Mom's hand
got all rebellious on her and 
refused to let go of the plane.

Remember the guy who was 
attached to her?
He pried her hand from the plane.
She was jumping.
And that was that.

The landing was not picture perfect but
since no one got hurt it was just fine.
We'll take it.

These were taken before the dive.
This is Mom's jumpmaster.
He was a very nice man
who must have nerves of steel.

Sure, he looks nice...and all...until you don't let go of the plane. :-)

For some reason Mom wanted her photo taken with her grandchildren.
Not her daughter....????

 Thumbs up!

All thumbs up!!

 So excited!
Gotta love the bonnet.

 This is the plane....
 Five people go up...
Five people come down.....
One in the plane.

Shelly was the other jumper in Mom's plane.
She had also planned to jump on our original 
day but wasn't able to either.
I have to tell you that while Mom's experience did not 
leave her wanting to do it again
Shelly felt very differently.
She was radiant when we met up in the training 
trailer for post flight stuff.
I see more jumps in Shelly's future.

And they are off.

A small crowd had gathered waiting anxiously until the representative from 
the parachute club came to escort us to the landing zone.
We heard the plane and began looking for it.
Of course it was in a spot where looking at it 
also gave you a direct view of the sun.
After a bit someone observed 
the humor of this view and asked if 
we were all worshiping.

Pretty soon we heard the tell tale stop of the plane's engine.
That is the sign that four of the five on board were leaving the plane and
 would be appearing shortly.

This was what we saw......

 A queasy but relieved Mom.
I'm proud to be her daughter.
Now, hopefully, she'll limit her adventures to mission
trips where she "just" eats scary stuff and uses
unusual transportation.... on the ground.
Of course, In El Salvador they had armed guards...
and not for the fun of it.
Good thing we know that God is in control and won't let 
Mom go to Heaven until it is her time to go.
She seems to have a very adventurous spirit.
Bet her guardian angel is exhausted!!

Our friends, 
Emma and Joseph each enjoyed their second dives on this day, as well.
I happened to have company from out of town who were 
sweet enough to come out to the airfield with us.  They had 
been so patient and so 
we didn't stay for Emma and Joseph's jump.

That out of town company?
A bloggy friend from New York and some of her family and friends.
I'm dying to tell you all about it but this post 
is already long enough. 
It will just have to wait and make for another post.

Now it is feeling quite late after this very busy weekend
and start to this new week.
Hope you have enjoyed this adventure vicariously.
It was enough for me.
I still have no desire to Skydive.


~PJ said...

AMAZING! I absolutely love that she did this... an unstoppable spirit!

I'm so proud to call her aunt.

Vickie said...

Wow - your mom's angel is way underpaid! She's so cute and daring! Living life on the edge and squeezing all she can out of it! Good for her!

SHEILA said...

I admire your mom for doing something so adventurous!

JD said...

Wow! Tell your mother I am IMPRESSED! Way to go...Jill <---who is afraid of heights!

MYSAVIOR said...

AWESOME Becky's mom!!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

She is amazing!


Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time! I enjoyed the pictures leading up to the jump and those jump pictures are awesome! Hats off to your Mom:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Stacey said...

Way to go Mom!!

Jennifer said...

I think I will live this one vicariously through Aunt Ruth. Scared to death of great hights. LOVE YA

ZudaGay said...

Congratulations to your Mom!! So glad all went well. The World Skydiving Convention used to be held at the small airport about 15 miles from here and we would pack up a picnic, a blanket and binoculars and spend a day every year at the airport watching thousands of skydivers float down from the sky. An absolutely beautiful site.

sammysgrammy said...

One of the best things about this post (for me) was getting a peek at your kids. They are wonderful. And your Mom - she's a hoot........

Vee said...

Your mom amazes me! I think she wanted her picture taken with her grands as a testament to them...a way to remember their heritage. Hope that she's feeling a lot better now that she's back on the planet. That worshipful scene not only made me laugh it brought a hot stingy tear. Love it! (By the way, does Chelsea look like her grandmother or what?!)

Linda Gross said...

What an amazing mom you have!

Diane said...

Your mom is a delight and such an inspiration to me... seriously! I am very cowardly, so seeing her go ahead and do something like this will inspire me to do things that I might be shrinking away from. SHe is such a cutie too:)

Melissa G. said...

What a brave lady!