Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Sick Fur Baby, Church Errands, Hot Weather and Olympics

Well, the title of the post pretty much sums it up.
This is my life.

I love the Olympics.
The music....yes!  The music.
Whether it is The theme song or our National Anthem
I soak it up.

The athletes.
So much time and energy has gone into 
their quest to win.
So many stories of hardship 
and inspiration.

Late nights.
Oh, why must they save the best for 
after 10pm?

O.k.  I know why.

It has been HOT.
Well, worse than the heat 
is the humidity.
Sadly I am becoming accustomed to it.
However, I still do not like it.


My dog Bandit is sick.
I took her to the vet yesterday because I was
so worried.
Turns out she has allergies.
Like we do.
She snorts and kind of sounds like she is snoring.
But what scared me most was that she was 
shaking from head to toe.
Well, we now have meds. 
Hopefully they will take care of the shakes
which were coming from a fever.
Other meds are supposed to address the allergies 
but so far no progress there.
She's still snorting like a snoring piggy.
Poor thing!


Warren and I spent today together running errands.
It was fun.
We went first to the Restaurant Store and loaded up 
on plates, cups, napkins and gobs of other necessaries 
when one's church has fellowship meals twice per month.
I honestly love this "chore".
I love choosing teas and coffee for the hospitality counter
and gathering up boxes of supplies.

Later we stopped at a carpet store to pick up carpet samples.
We thought we had a carpet ordered and ready to go but 
as final arrangements were being made it was discovered 
that the one we had chosen had been discontinued.
It was chosen to coordinate with the existing 
carpet which was also discontinued since we purchased it. we go again.
Another fun chore...if you ask me.
So, I'm not complaining.
I miss decorating!

Shhhh.....I'll whisper.....
I have been looking at 
paint chips 
The dining room is making me a bit wonky.
Just keep that tidbit to yourself though.
One of these days years.......

Finally we were off to the mall.
At our last fellowship meal
the ladies were discussing the need for high chairs.
While we have a couple of booster seats with trays 
they are regularly in use.
We now have enough people coming that seating can 
actually be an issue so adding more booster seats 
(which sit on regular chairs)
didn't seem 
like the best idea.
I spent time researching chairs and prices and found 
this one at Sears for a good price 
and most importantly Warren approved.
He's a tough customer.
So...its all good
and we got three of them.

Any day spent with my hubby is a good one.
Doing errands that provide such obvious results?


Mrs.Rabe said...

Love the new header!

I have not seen one Olympic event or telecast....shocking.

I really like the high chairs. What a blessing they will be! Perfect, and they'll free up about 6 seats? Well, eventually! At least Katie and Verity will be able to be fed easier!


Vee said...

Errands always go better with a good hubby who's invested in the process. Sounds as if yours was. Very nice. Good decision on the high chairs. Hope that we get to tag along on decorating decisions. You know how I love to snoop.

Vee said...

Oh. I am not watching very much of the Olympics at all, but today I will be!

Susy said...

Read every word and then realized there were no pictures. Now that's a successful post (:

Theresa said...

I have been watching Olympics every chance I have gotten! I love all of it and enjoy the experience! It is hot here and I am waiting for a breeze:)

Poor bandit, Hope the allergies get better!

Nice to spend a day with the hubby:) Sounds like redecorating is on your mind! FUN!

Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Linda Gross said...

I hope Bandit is feeling better.

~PJ said...

Puppy snores are so cute! Would you believe I have watched NONE of the olympics this year. Zero. Zip. Zilch!