Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So Familiar.....Kind of Like Friends

It is common for cups to be embellished when Chels is done.

Last evening I met two ladies at Starbucks.  One I've known for 12 years.  The other I've heard about and kind of had a vicarious friendship with through the first one for many of those years.  We had a delightful time chatting away about Etsy and craft shows until the time came that Starbucks was closing.

As I headed to the door, Will, one of our favorite Starbucks guys said, "Your daughter just went through the drive through.".  I laughed and asked if she was still there.  He pointed out that she was just driving around to the front of the store.  I hurried out to talk to her.  She and Jonathan had just finished playing ultimate frisbee with a bunch of friends from church.

Later I found out from Chelsea that she had actually asked Will if I was in there. Of course, he knew I was there because he is cool like that.  Probably wasn't because I had been there for two hours at that point.  (wince)  We were back in a corner, out of the way.  lol  Hey, time flies when you are with friends.

There is just something different and special about the Starbucks atmosphere.  Kind of like family, if you ask me.  Of course when you have a daughter who stops in as regularly as she does it sort of makes sense.  I was just glad I had a free drink card last night.  I made the most of it with a Venti Coconut Mocha Frappuccino.  I nearly finished it.  Wow!!  I usually just get a tall iced tea or hot chocolate when I go.  That was intense.

Starbucks in Kentucky a while back....she tried to get Mikey hooked....

I know there are more important things in life to spend our money on. I get reminded of it now and then....but there are also worse things to waste money on. And that is the best defense I can make. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my Starbucks friends, whether it is a real friendship or just that they have to be so nice to me. I take them candles now and then and they take care of my girl. Its a good thing.


~PJ said...

I was there a lot in Florida and Illinois. Its a lovely place to have a pow wow with friends. My drink is a skinny caramel frap with no whip and an extra shot.

Linda Gross said...

I have only purchased smoothies at Starbucks.

Mrs.Rabe said...

We drove past Starbucks headed to drop the girls at frisbee and Rachel said "Mrs. Keeney is at Starbucks. That's her car right there." I couldn't imagine why you'd be there without Chels, and now I know why! Fun!


Vee said...

I have been there a cold February...when I found myself wishing that I could have one of the cozy seats by the fire. It was not to be. Those seats had been snagged early on and those in them were not giving them up...slowly sipping their drinks and then ordering another. It was the last time I visited.

Life is fraught with many trials and if you've found something you enjoy, I say cheap therapy!. For me, it's the flea market. =D

Vee said...

Oh I was going to add that I thought my drink was the worst tasting thing I'd ever endured. It was some sort of cappuccino. What do you get?

jAne said...

anymore, it's a rare visit to starbucks * but i should change that into occasional. my favorite drink is as follows {it's sweet, be warned. i call it my donut so good thing it's a rare indulgence}:

tall white mocha, fat free with whip, decaf, 6 pump.

Susy said...

I like the idea of meeting friends or business associates at at Starbucks (or similar) because they don't care how long you tie up the table. In a restaurant there's always the pressure to order food, eat, and move on.

I love that your kids still "play" together (:

Karen said...

I'm not a huge coffee shop person normally but this summer I seem to have developed an addiction to iced coffee drinks. I'm blaming the extreme heat-think that'll work for an excuse? ;-) I do feel guilty for ingesting so many of them but they've really hit the spot.

I was laughing at your description of your "vicarious friendship" too. My best friend just asked me the other day if I had ever met her friend Ann-Marie. I said "No, but we know each other by now just because we both spend a lot of time with you." So I get that idea completely. LOL