Thursday, August 9, 2012

Longwood Gardens After Dark

 Chelsea and our friend Sarah thought they had a group headed to 
Longwood Gardens last evening to look at the new light feature.
However, when it came down to it the others decided not to go.
Chelsea called me and asked if Warren and I might be 
interested in going?
Well, we have wanted to get over and see the lights
but hadn't planned to go on this evening.
After a two sentence discussion we decided 
to go for it.

As we arrived we were excited to see light balls which we had
seen being set up in the daylight not so long ago.
What a difference the light and fiber make in the dark.

I snapped this to show you how very cute Chelsea's hair looks like this.
I think she looks like a dancer.
She, on the other hand is wondering why I am taking her 
photo in the ladies room.
Oh!  And isn't her sweater pretty?
I love it!
Maybe because it reminds me of Fall....
just around the corner.

We were not able to speak to Mom before we left but we decided to 
leave a message so that she would know to come if 
she got home and wanted to.
She did!
So, shortly after we arrived so did she and we 
headed off to see the 9:15pm Fountain Show.

Artistry with Lights and Water.
Warren was fascinated.
He always looks at those pumps when we are there
in daylight and wishes that he could poke around in there.
The mind of a man.
I don't understand.
But, I am sure it would make sense to many out there.

The Conservatory lighting was amazing.
Not so great for my little camera.
I guess it is time for me to learn about other settings.

So much fiber carrying light and color.
All over the gardens.

The water lilies were stunning!
Even though it was super humid and we were uncomfortable
it was still the best time we have had out in this 
particular garden.
It tends to cook you because of all of the cement and direct sunlight.
A very different experience.

In the treehouse.
I had to use the flash because nothing else would show up.
Georgia was off exploring somewhere....
but here are the rest of the gang.
Warren, Chelsea, Sarah and Mom (Grandma Ruth).

Thanks, Chels, for wanting your parents and grandmothers
to join you in the gardens.

Most of what we saw last evening is best seen in person.
I took photos but they really aren't anything to look at.
So.....I won't put you through it.

But, I have to say it is very much worth your while.


Karen said...

Great pics! Those water lilies will make great notecards-the dark/light contrast is stunning.

I like the light balls, too. They look really neat.

Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

Linda Gross said...

Longwood Gardens looks like a totally different place in the dark; great pictures!

~PJ said...

I love the light balls, what a very cool effect!

Im almost 30 and still call my mom randomly to do stuff with, in fact I think I might call her today!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I have got to get myself to Longwood! The lights look spectacular!

Marydon said...

I see new cards in the making. TY for sharing this beautiful place with us int he dark ... it is magnificent.

Chelsea looks darling ... such a pretty young lady,

Have a beautiful day

First Christian Church said...

So very lovely!! The waterlilies are amazing.WOW! What a wonderful outing. :)

MYSAVIOR said...

You are becoming a first class photographer!! I love "doing" things with you and your family.


Vee said...

Very dramatic and so beautiful. You're getting "the look" from Chelsea. Get used to it if you're not already, you're going to be seeing it for years. Ha!

So glad that nearly the whole family showed up...what a fun way to spend the evening together.

(I think you and your camera did a great job!)

Elena said...

Wow, what a beautiful place. I always love seeing pictures of that place.

JD said...

So Beautiful! Your pictures are great. We have been there many times (as you know) but only managed to get there once at night time...and that was at Christmas 8 years ago...It was wonderful, and I so want to do it again sometime.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun and your photography is amazing. These flowers are gorgeous!