Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Learning the Lesson Just One More Time

From the ages of approximately seven to ten I had an Ethel Barrett
story record that I listened to regularly.
Ethel Barrett was so good at telling stories.
You could imagine her face all scrunched up as she 
made the story come alive...
or a huge smile as a lesson came to a happy conclusion.

One of the lessons I remember well was about a 
monkey in a cage at a zoo.
This monkey was offered its freedom.
However there was a problem.
You see, the monkey had found an apple just outside the cage
and was holding onto it

While his hand went through the bars easily enough
without the apple it just would not fit
back through as long as that stubborn
primate kept the apple in his grasp.

The visual of this has stuck with me over the years.

Last weekend I realized that I have been just like
that monkey in at least one area of my life.
The Candles.
I LOVE making candles.
I truly enjoy everything about it.
I've put blinders on to how it effects the rest of 
my family....
not that I don't know.
I just wanted IT more than I wanted to please them.

That was wrong.

One week ago Sunday, God did some surgery on my heart.
I truly felt the snipping as He pruned and poked 
around in there.

He changed my heart.
I could finally say with all that is in me
that I want to please my husband more than I want to 
make candles.

I shared this with a friend one day as we walked.
She's a new friend so who knows what in the world she 
was thinking as tears ran down my face.
However, I'm pretty sure she has kept this matter in prayer.

Not only did I share this with my friend, 
but on that Sunday I wrote a letter to my darling 
husband telling him that he comes first.
Not because it is the "right thing", 
but because I just love him that much and don't 
want to waste our time together working in 
opposite directions.
We talked.
He is so unbelievable.
He didn't say...
"Great!  Now you'll give it up."
Instead he was totally understanding and 
supportive.  I couldn't believe it.
Not only did I give up the apple
but I gained freedom.
Freedom from the  underlying current of discontent.
Freedom from the guilt.
Freedom from resentments.
We have agreed that this candle season will be 
the trial period to judge the ultimate potential for 
Good Neighbors Candle Co.
Some time round about the New Year 
we will, together, decide if this is something that will 
continue or if I will become a hobby candle maker.
Man, does it feel great to be FREE.
So glad I let go.
Are you holding onto something that is 
keeping you from having ultimate 
happiness and peace?
Take it from this silly lady.
It's not worth it.
Let go.


Vee said...

Beautiful. I have had similar experiences where I have learned that letting go of the apple (in my world it's a nickel in the bottom of a jar) releases me to do what I have wanted to do all along or something better showed up to take its place. God will faithfully show you both what to do. I must confess that I had a moment of panic and thought that I would have to be very careful with my pumpkin candles...only use them on rare occasions like. =D

Luella Newkirk said...

Love your post! What a great moment - to be free!! It must be such a great joy to see your husband and your candles as part of a peaceful scheme in God to bring you to this day and an end to struggle.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Ahhhh, that is so good! Wow, sometimes we do hold on to things....

Thank you for sharing this story and the truth of it!

Glad you feel the freedom and release...

Can't wait to see what happens.


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

My Etsy business is starting to creep into family time....right now I am on the computer and my husband and son are playing XBOX. I justify it because they are doing that and I don't play, so why not get on the computer. Computer time is creeping in more and more. I need to put a guard up! Thanks for the heads up and the conviction in my heart!

Susy said...

A deep little lesson there Becky ~ and how wonderful for you to share it so we can all benefit from it's wisdom. I think I'll check in with hubby to be sure he knows he's my priority. Blessings for a happy holiday. xo

Angels and Everlastings said...

Something that makes us all think - I am concerned with Etsy cutting into family time but also with it cutting into my time with the Lord. I think I will be reviewing my options after the new year too.

Theresa said...

Oh Sweet Lady, I could feel the relief in your story! God has a way of doing a number on us and helping us see the light:) Hugs to you, happy that you got free!

bananaorangeapple said...

You are not silly, you are very wise!

Here's an interesting story, once when I was a kid a butcher bird ate my pet budgie through the bars of the cage. He could have taught that monkey a thing or two. Pretty gruesome really :(

Vickie said...

Becky, I get you and what you're saying. I think alot of us as wives and mothers could say the same that that you did. I pray that the Lord will poke around in my heart and make me take a good look at what I'm doing that might take first place in my life besides my husband and family. Thanks for this wonderful lesson.

Joy said...

Thank you Becky! I, too, have been struggling with making "candles". Not really candles, but something I wanted to do. I will pray for you as you continue on this journey and I humbly ask your prayers that I too will be successful at "letting go" and walking in the freedom that brings. God is too good for me not to. I praise His name!