Monday, August 27, 2012

A Broken Table Breaks the Ice

As you probably know Saturday was a big day for me and my candles.
I had been invited to participate in an event in our local mall.
It was for up and coming artisans.

I was the only candle maker,
There was a soap maker, several seamstresses,
a lady who put together packets of premixed baking products,
a jewelry maker, a photographer, a leatherworker
and more.

We all showed up bright and early and set up the tables provided 
for us by the mall staff.
Mine was fully loaded with candles.
Heavy, heavy candles.

 It was fun to use the crackle candle holders to prop up glass shelving.
It was a last minute thought before we walked out the door
and Warren grabbed the glass shelves from the garage
so that I could try it once we got here.
 Years ago Beverly and I had picked the shelves up 
with a hope, even then, that we would one day have 
a little shop.
They have just been waiting......
still waiting.
But at least they got a little use on Saturday.

Two bears came along as cute filler.
The flower arrangement would probably have 
sold if I had offered.
One woman just kept commenting on how pretty it 
was....but I resisted setting a price
because I love it too.
It is one of a kind. 
I made it from a canister picked up 
on clearance because it had no lid.

The prices in the frames were a fun little touch I did this time.
They seemed to work for most people.
Some, didn't read them though.

So, anyway, back to the story.
I was all set up facing the way the organizer had intended.
But, it seemed that all of the traffic was behind me and the other vendors.

So, the ladies behind me approached me about turning our tables around
to face the crowds.
They turned theirs.
A while later we decided to turn mine.

That's when it turned nearly tragic.
With two of us on each side we began to move the table.
The brace that ran from one end of the table to the other
came out and the table began collapsing.
It was terrible.
The candles were hanging on by some miracle.
The ladies said they had the table and I'd better get over 
there and pull all the the stuff down to the floor 
before it fell there.

So, there I was apologizing to them and grabbing candles.
We ended up with quite a mess on the floor.
Mall security came over and alerted the organizer 
that we had an issue with the table.
They all agreed it was broken.

What we are not sure of is if it was already 
defective or if we caused it by lifting it while full.
But either had to be replaced.

So....I waited.
Beside my pile of candles and decor.

Then when they brought me a new table
I set it up facing the crowds of people.

I felt so embarrassed. 
It looked as if I got there late and was just setting up.
However, I just had to put the pride aside 
and get it done!

If you have ever been a vendor at a craft show
you know that cautious feeling between vendors.
Well, if this was there before it was certainly gone
after that near catastrophe.
We became great friends and had a wonderful
day together.

Sales were meager...because it really isn't
gift buying time at the mall.
It was back to school time.
However, I did meet some wonderful
people who happen to love soy candles enough
to buy them on a hot day in August.

It wasn't just me.
All of the vendors felt the pinch but we agreed
that we would love to do this event in time for
Mother's Day or Christmas.

I would love to spend the day with them again.

I also have to thank my friend Melissa
for coming just in time.
As I was working alone you can imagine that
I needed a break now and then.
She came just in the nick of time!

She also helped me eat fun mall food.
Everything from Auntie Anne's pretzel dogs
to peanut butter and chocolate custard. 
If that wasn't quite enough she bought
a mini Cinna-bon and split it with me.
Now that is a friend.

Also appearing were our friends
Dave, Mindy and their daughter Hannah.
We had a blast laughing at with Dave
who had worked all night and hadn't slept.

I'm so thankful for friends.
Friends make life so much more fun!


~PJ said...

I am so glad that all your hard work did not end up on the floor!!! I love your display though.

bananaorangeapple said...

what an adventure!

amystreasures said...

I suggest checking the table next time, to make sure it's fine before you load things up.

Vee said...

Ohhhh...that could have been disastrous. So glad that you had help and that everything worked out in the end, including getting to know the other vendors better. Sorry that sales weren't brisk. Sounds as if you learned quite a few helpful things. Your table certainly looked beautiful, Becky. You're so creative with your display.

MYSAVIOR said...

PHEW! I am exhausted just reading.


Vickie said...

Oh no! I thought you were going to tell us that your candles all fell in the floor and broke! Thank goodness it wasn't that bad. Now those sound like some great friends to come and let you have a break and eat yummy food with you!

Elena said...

Your table looks great! A wonderful display!

Tracy said...

Oh, Becky! I am so thankful that this turned out okay, and all of those beautiful candles and hard work didn't crash to the ground. I can't imagine the stress you were under. That must have been one heavy table, and I'm betting it was defective before you all lifted it. It may have been a blessing that this happened when it did. Imagine if someone would've leaned on the faulty table and everything crashed down!

Sorry sales weren't where you would have liked them to be, but it sounds like the day turned out okay after all.

Theresa said...

Well dear friend, it sounds like you made some new friends and had a great time too! Happy that you didn't lose a bunch of your beautiful candles! Enjoy your evening, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your table looked lovely....

I hope they do this event before Christmas - your sales would be much better!


Alicia said...

Beautiful! I am amazed by all of your candles. And I love those mason jar lids too.