Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unlearning the Sales Training

For 16 years I was in the financial services
field.  I loved working with people and 
finding ways to free up money to save.
I loved watching their retirement savings grow.

I did not love convincing people that they should
want to work with me over some other 
financial person or their own indifference.

So, I went to many sales training schools.
I learned that art of carefully crafted words.
I studied.
It became a part of my regular speech ...
to the point that I wouldn't even know I was
using a learned skill until Warren would 
say that it wasn't going to work on him.
Then we would have a good laugh.

It made me wary when 
we were shopping for something and 
I heard those words coming my way.
My radar went off and
my resistance grew.

Part of the sales training was to never
admit if you were feeling vulnerable.
Perhaps you were having a down day and 
could use a bit of encouragement.
Well, this was highly frowned upon.
Your answer on these days if someone asked
how you were would be 
You had it covered either way.
But not exactly conducive
to being genuine.....

That being said,
I understand the reasoning behind it.
Not long ago I visited a local shop.
The owner of the shop was in a real doldrum
and told me all about it.
She definitely needed to vent and I was there.
I didn't mind...for that day but I had only just 
met her and was concerned that I might get 
that sob story every time I visited and so 
I have been hesitant to go back.
So...there are reasons as to why we 
are to keep things in a more positive light.

I think I just took it a bit too far.

It became hard for me to admit to anyone
when I was scared about something 
in my business.  
I carried the worry and the stresses 
all alone.

You really can teach an old dog
new tricks....
if she wants to learn.
I am getting better about sharing the 
good and the bad
when there is good reason.
Perhaps it will help another to avoid a 
mistake I have already "tested" out.
That happens.

Sometimes it is as simple as 
dropping a Facebook message to 
another business owner and letting 
them know that you need a kick in the pants.
In my case I get that and probably prayer.
Since I hang out with some 
pretty incredible 

Whatever the case,
I am unlearning some
of my sales 
I am learning to lean....
just a bit.

Not too much.

But no one has happy,
self confident, successful days
EVERY day.

Sometimes you feel like the 
biggest failure on the planet
and you just have to 
That happened to me 
this week.

I appreciate those who listen 
and then spur me on .
I truly love them.

Oh!  And.....

FYI...I allowed my financial licenses
expire as of the first of this year.
That is a bit scary in itself....
but due to the many changes in the world
of finance and the expense 
of carrying the licenses
 I felt it 
was the best thing to do.

I learned so much over those
sixteen years!
It was a very good thing.
But, for now, I am not interested in 
working in finance.
Something else that was not easy
to admit.
But is out.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I am sorry you had a tough day or week. From what I saw on FB it was all good. I am sorry too, that I have been so busy we haven't had time to connect...we need to do lunch soon!


Vee said...

Sounds as if you have been learning a lot. Life is itself a classroom and the Lord is a wonderful teacher if I pay attention.

May I just say, that I have heard business owners vent. They are human after all. Anyway, it does put the hearer in an awkward place just as you describe. I have resisted returning to those places. A number of them have even this was not because I wasn't doing business there, but I can't help wonder if the owners grumbled overmuch to everyone.

The worst was when the B&B owner told me how much she hated to cook and clean. I've never returned and I certainly did love the afternoon teas. Perhaps I should give her another chance. She's still there!

Susy said...

Letting a license go that represented 16 years of your life, lifestyle, and identity is a big change. You're probably grieving the "loss" just a bit.

Gayla said...

It s the season to be bold! Good for you!

Theresa said...

We all have good and bad days! We need to share them both, and yes our experiences just might help someone thru theirs! Have a blessed day my friend!