Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Horn Got Tooted!!

Too often I feel I am 
"Tooting my own horn".

As sole proprietor 
of a business
most of the time
if I don't, who will?

How fun when a friend does 
it for me....

I've been reading Ronda's blog for
a while now.
She is a special lady with a knack for
expressing her feelings in words.

she tooted....
my horn......

And then I just have to show you this 
wonderful piece I found while Mrs. Rabe 
and I were out.

I don't have any of these filled yet.
In fact I have it listed both at 
Etsy and Artfire as a custom
fill opportunity.

If you purchase through Etsy
it will be $34.95 including shipping.
Blogger special....
$30.00 including shipping.
If you are local and no shipping 
is required it is $22.00.
Just email me and I will 
let you know how to go about 
ordering it at this price.
The gorgeous crock
holds about 18 ounces of soy wax
and will be made with three wicks.
The dimensions are roughly four inches by
four and a half inches.

 You may choose from the following fragrances......
also available in unscented white for those purists 
among us or for that formal occasion where fragrance is not desired.

French Vanilla (White)
French Lavender (Lavender)
Peony (Pink)
Daffodil (Yellow)
Hydrangea Heaven (Soft Blue)
Fresh Linen (Beige)
Country Apple (Red)
Oceanside Mist (Bright Blue)
Irish Moss (Bright Green)
Cucumber Cantaloupe (Soft Green)
Cinnamon Vanilla (Tan)
Lilac (Purple)
Citrus Infusion (Yellow)
Cappuccino (Brown)
Hot Chocolate (Brown)
Patchouli Vanilla (Soft Blue)

I picked up the new cards
yesterday.  They look great.
Some that you chose and I put in a few surprises
of my own.....
I'll get them listed over the next day ~ or three.

I'm off to get a bunch of errands done
and hope to avoid enjoying any more
of Chelsea's freshly baked banana bread.
Two slices really should be enough...
don't you think?
Wait! Don't answer that!!



Vee said...

I'll be going to Ronda's directly...

You make me chuckle with your hesitancy to share. Lots of gals are sharing their wares in these tough times. It's called making a living as far as I can tell.

Lovely new container, too...

Theresa said...

TOOT TOOT... You go girl! Beautiful candle to be:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I adore that new container! So sweet and it is lovely in person!