Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Photography Direction

Here's the deal.
At least twice while we were 
visiting at Williamsburg my 
Mother-in-law pointed out photography

Not just, 
"Hey!  Take a picture of that."
But, "That would be a wonderful 
close up opportunity."
And when I began to shoot from where 
I was standing she pointed out that 
the flowers were facing her.
So, that meant that she had to move so 
I could get the right angle.

She was right!

Although, I probably should have laid down
on my belly to get up under the blooms.
That may have been taking it a bit too
far and it wasn't recommended.
Later as we were on our way back 
to the van at the end of a long day
she spotted this white shed with its 
ivy draping so daintily and 
pointed it out.


I don't recall if she suggested a photo
session or not but I was on it 

 What this means to me?
She's been reading my blog.
She knows how much I love to 
capture unusual or pretty scenes.
I love to get the little overlooked bitty 
she's on the lookout.

I can tell you that we have vacationed with 
her for more than 20 years here and there
and this was a first.
It made me smile.
It made me happy.

I'm so blessed to have 
both a mother-in-law and my mom 
so close and so dear.

Thank Georgia if you like the 
photos in this post today.
Without her they would have just been 
missed opportunities.


ZudaGay said...

I agree, you are very blessed!!! So many families don't care to spend time together. I am blessed too...with many wonderful memories and the knowledge that both Mama and my MIL Joyce are in heaven in the presence of their Savior.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Georgia did a great job!

We kind of like her around our house - Grandma Georgia!


Rachel said...

I love Colonial Williamsburg! It's a favorite getaway spot for my family, and I'm getting my hubby hooked on it too. Like you, I've been blessed with parents and parent-in-laws who are a joy to be with, and we spend as much time with them as we can. Sometimes in Williamsburg!