Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Day

Today we were off to a bit of a late start into
Colonial Williamsburg. We had hoped to be on our
way there by 9:30 am and instead didn't head out
until after lunch. Turned out to be just fine.
We got to see a lot, learn a lot and meet some
very interesting people along the way.

It was a beautiful sunny day 
with a high of 63 degrees.

We could not have ordered a 
better day.

Tomorrow is not supposed to be
as stunning.
Rain is in the forecast.
But that is ok as we have shopping
on the agenda for at least part of the day,.

back to today's adventures.

We found this thriving garden.
I loved the glass domes they 
used in neat lines.

The gardener was very agreeable to chat
with us and as we talked other
visitors joined in the question and answers.

Then we moved on to the 
Parish Church.
It is a fully functioning church today.
Beautiful and chock full of history.
We sat in George Washington's Pew.

Guess George was tall.
The box that each pew sits in is pretty
high.  I asked why and was told that it
was partly to help hold in the heat.
It was cold for part of the year
and the members of the Church of England
were required to attend
at least one service per month
all year long making it necessary to come
even when heating such a large room was
a challenge or impossibility.

I loved the windows in this building.
The arch and the wavy glass just make me happy.

I'm skimming here because loading
photos on this internet connection 
is making me a bit batty.
It is so slow and sometimes it 
actually loads the photos and other times
it makes them randomly disappear. 
I have no idea why....
but I'll just have to come back and fill in the 
details later...
if you want me to.

 One really great thing about Colonial 
Williamsburg in February is that it is very quiet.
We were able to poke about and explore
as we have never done before.
I could take tons of photos without 
another person in them.
That has always been a frustration to me 
since most visitors are not in 
Period Clothing.

Chelsea posed for
photos several times.
It was fun...
reminding us of our visit to 
take Senior Photos
a while back.
What I was happy to see
this time was a new confidence, 
joy and healthy radiance.
Even though I love the photos 
we took the last time
these are even sweeter to me.

We got ourselves trapped in the area behind the Palace.
We were attempting to get back over to 
Merchant Square to do some shopping by going
a back way and got totally tangled up 
in the walkways and beauty
of the Palace,

It felt as if we were 
replaying Alice in Wonderland.
So a magical place.

I am not going to fight with those particular
photos anymore.
I'll do a single post on that when we get 
home....but I'll close this post 
with another highlight from today.

Riding the Jamestown Ferry.
We used to love to do this when the kids
were little but it had been a while.
I have never before been the driver
and so it was a bit intimidating...
but, oh so fun!!

On our trip across the James River
we were parked in.
We could tell we were moving 
but the view was simply of the cars around
us, unless we stretched our necks
to catch a small glimpse of the water.
So, on the way back I was Thrilled
to drive straight on up to the front of the boat.
We were front and center.

The sun was setting and it was 
over the top awesome.

A delightful dinner at Ruby Tuesday
finished the formal part of our day.
I think I may be the last one standing tonight
as everyone else has headed to bed.

I'm soon to follow.
Thanks for all of your comments
from yesterday's post.
So nice to have you



blessedmoms simple home said...

Your photos today are beautiful!! So it's sunny there, and here in So. Cal. we had snow! Go figure :)
I hope your good weather continues.

Vickie said...

Beautiful photos of Williamsburg, Becky! And beautiful subject matter, too, in Chelsea - she looks radiant and happy. Such a pretty young lady.

I've got yellow daffodils today on my blog, too! We have "spring" on our minds!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the ones of Chelsea and the tree! She is so pretty! Can't wait to hear about today!

Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

Wonderful photos! Love the one of the three of you in George Washington's pew. And the color combinations of that last cottage with the giant fireplace is terrific. Why didn't I think of that?! Keep having fun...

First Christian Church said...

LOVE your photos...sound like such a wonderful trip! Chelsea is absolutely beautiful! :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

I need to go soon! sigh....

Lovely - I love the Garden shop there and like to walk the paths to see what they have growing!


MYSAVIOR said...

I am totally enjoying the trip. i have never been to Williamsburg.



The Natural Ingredient said...

I have been to Williamsburg twice now. i just love it there. Did you go to Jamestown? Thanks for sharing the photos. Nancy