Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea With Friends....

Not long ago Mrs. Rabe's mother, Phyllis
read that a local tea room was closing.
Now, I had heard that this was a place
I must visit but I hadn't gotten there yet.

When she passed this tidbit of news on
a few of us decided that we must go together
before it was too late.

So, Tuesday afternoon found Mrs. Rabe,
Phyllis, Kelly and I sitting down to a
very pretty table in a full tea house.

We had a delightful couple of hours
chatting away as we sipped our tea.
Each of us had a different flavor.
Mine was Strawberry Cream.
It was good but if I go back I'll
try something a little different.
Because I can!

Oh! About going back....
we are hoping that it is going to
be possible. It seems that the
server had no knowledge of a closing
so perhaps it was bad information that
Phyllis read. 
 I hope so.
Maybe having an article written about
a potential closing changed something
about their circumstances.
In any case we hope they stay open.
It was delightful.

We all agreed we were glad
she read that article 
and said something 
so that we 
got to do 
something we might not 
have taken the time
for otherwise.

It is a sincere desire of my heart to
spend more time with my friends
and build relationships face to face.
It is so easy to get caught up in our
online friendships and not feel the need
for those in our circle of real life.

Each of us is so busy with our family,
and this is a very good thing,
but we are made to be social and share
our hearts, encourage one another and
learn from the experience of others.

I am not saying that online relationships
are inherently wrong. Not at all.
Simply that I desire to also focus on those
around me. To really see and hear them.
To give of my time and serve them.
I want to hear what they have to say
and allow them to minister to me if needed.

How are you feeling about this subject lately?
Have you felt that you've been as connected
to those in your real life as you used to be?
Is this something that comes naturally or do you
have to make an effort?

Just curious.

I'm delighted to have you stop by
and read my ponderings.
It would be delightful to have
tea with you!


Vee said...

For the most part, I am as connected as I wish to be. It's a balancing act, isn't it? So many of my friends work or are out straight. I am going out to lunch with friends soon, but they are both busy gals and we work hard to get those few times a year together. And, while we have things in common, we do not have A LOT in common as I find with some of my online friends. It's wonderful to share some interests. What I truly think about this is that the Lord is speaking to you and that you will listen. This will mean less time here of necessity. That is not a bad thing in this case. It is all good. Blessings and I hope that you get back to the tea room soon!

Theresa said...

What a lovely time spent with friends! I love the on-line friendships but still enjoy getting together face-to-face and hug-to-hug! Enjoy this day dear Becky, big hugs from GEORGIA!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love my online friends and I love my close by friends...I feel that I have better contact with my online friends, other than Sundays. It was good to be together for tea and conversation...

We MUST do it again soon!


Rachel said...

I've lived in 5 different states in the last 12 years, and have left friends behind in all of them. The internet keeps me connected to them, and I do get to see some of them in Real Life once or twice a year. All the same, I'm hoping to make some friends in our new locale, as we're going to be here for years (I hope). As the Good Book says, "It is not good for man[kind] to be alone," and we definitely need contact with others to stay happy and healthy. I hope your tea room stays open and you can have lots more get-togethers there!

JD said...

We have a tea room near us, Even though, I don't get to go there very often (Maybe once or twice a year) I would be very upset if I heard that it closed! I have been going there for over 25+ years, and have so many lovely memories of going with my Mother (it was one of her favorite places to I would try and get her there for Mother's day.

Karen said...

I'm not feeling very connected, online or IRL. Sometimes, it just feels like more effort than I have energy for, kwim? However, you have reminded me that I need to call a friend and set up a time to get together one of these days soon. We say we're going to, but it never seems to happen...

I've been keeping up with your blog in my reader but haven't been commenting. I'm sorry-I often intend to but don't get to it. I'm so glad your dr. visit turned out so well the other day. Great praise! Your "girls only" trip sounded like so much fun, too!

Love you, friend!

Buttercup said...

I love my blog buddies, some of whom are now also "in real life" friends, too, but I also make an effort to keep up with friends. I find it too easy to get busy and not make time to make arrangements to do things and then I realize weeks have gone by without seeing someone. This week was a little quieter and I took time to arrange a lunch tomorrow with a friend and a visit on Sunday with another friend. Other weeks go by and I haven't made any arrangements.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - I guess I find blog friends close and convenient when it's not easy to get together with friends here. Everyone is so busy nowadays. I've made some wonderful friends that I'd LOVE to see in person on blogland. Love to have tea with, too! I still have my friends here and see them when it's convenient for us to get together, but I love some of my blogfriends as surely as those in real life!