Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful Bandit....

We gave our female pup a boy's name
but it was with good reason.
It was the only name that fit her.

You see, we had been seeking 
a dog to fill the hole that our Kimmy 
left when she had to be put to 
sleep. Our chihuahua/fox terrier mix,  Chloe,
 was depressed and the 
rest of us missed having a second dog.

We met lots of potential dogs.
Even brought one home.
That didn't work out. 
We returned that huge black 
lab to her former owners.

Finally we met this little spitfire.
She was a rescue from one of the many 
puppy mills that are so prevalent here in 
Lancaster County.
The first time we met she made 
a break for it and ran so quickly from 
the room they had us in.

Then when they caught her and 
brought her back she promptly 
peed on the floor.

And yet, 
there was something about 
this silly pup that just grabbed our
So, after many suggestions for names
the one that kept coming back to us 
was Bandit.
Because she stole our hearts.
It stuck.

Now most people think she is a boy.
But she graciously couldn't care less.

Unfortunately this canine member of 
our family has continued to be a 
challenge with her mischievous ways.
Constantly stealing tissues to shred them
and bottle caps or any other plastic items
that she can get her mouth around.
Tonight it was a tea light container
and a plastic storage container.
Who knows what is missing in her
diet that she feels compelled to chew
plastic and paper.
I tend to think nothing...
she just enjoys them better than the 
bones and toys that are abundant here.

Bandit has a "den" under the living room couch
where she takes her finds.
Every now and then I move the couch 
and remove all of them
and she just starts over.

In any case, 
even with all of her bad 
habits I would rescue her all over 
again.  She truly has stolen my heart.
The only person who doesn't feel that 
way about Bandit is Chelsea.
They are in serious competition.
Bandit recognizes Chelsea as her most serious
competition for my attention on a daily basis.
She takes every opportunity to leave unpleasant
presents in Chelsea's room.
If the door is open she'll pull out the contents
of Chels's trash can or do what you were imagining
at first.  Just to be mean.
This has not endeared her to Chelsea.
And so the battle goes on.

Good thing she is cute.
I think it has saved her from Chelsea's 
wrath more than once.
That, and the fact that I don't condone
violence for any reason.

They are such an interesting
part of the family.
With attitudes and jealousy.
Very interesting to me.

Maybe we need the dog whisperer 
around here.
But in the mean time we'll just keep
Chelsea's door closed and work 
on Bandit's manners.

I was playing with a photo I took 
yesterday.  Different effects showcase
 her many adorable features.

Bandit....the dog who totally lives
up to her name.


Theresa said...

Cutest little bandit:) Love that sweet face! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Buttercup said...

She is a cutie. I once had a cat that would bring me "presents."

SHEILA said...

Oh Becky, she is adorable. Makes me want another puppy. Her relationship with Chelsea reminds me of last dog with my youngest daughter. They had a love/hate relationship.

Debby said...

Yes, Bandit fits her. We have a Springer Spaniel that is a baoy and his name is Piper.
Sounds like your doggie is still a puppy. She has some issues. I bet when Chelsea falls in love with Bandit it will be better.

Gayla said...

Oh, what a honey bee! How can you get mad at that cute little guy!

Melissa G. said...

She does have a cute face. I like the last photo effect the best i think.

Vee said...

Who couldn't love such a sweet face and she's glowing in that final shot...perfectly angelic! (But if she were doing unto me what she's been doing unto Chelsea...whoahhhh!)

ZudaGay said...

Bandit is so cute! Pets add such depth of love and enjoyment to our lives. Our kitty, Rusty is jealous of our granddaughter Anika...and Anika is just as jealous of him. They fight to sit on my lap.

MYSAVIOR said...

Becky - I LOVE that you love Bandit so unconditionally. That is how she loves you also. Isn't it amazing what we will tolerate from our dear furries that we would not tolerate from our children? LOL
When I go out to the doctor, my Chichi gets upset and I find little gifts when I get home that I just clean up without a thought. My grandson, Cole, had to go into my room to get something and in doing that he knocked over a bunch of papers and did not pick them up. I was more upset with him than with Chichi - lol although I am on the same wave length as you - no yelling of any kind here.


Elena said...

Bandit is really cute! Is she part Pomeranian? Some of her little behaviors remind me of them.