Monday, February 20, 2012

Please Forgive Me...

I believe I left you in 

I got it!
The horrible cold that
the others had.

Not wanting to stop having fun 
I used up all of my energy in playing
and shopping with them.
Then I could not bear the thought of fighting
with the internet connection 
to upload photos.

Well, we are home now and after a very
very full day at church yesterday
I am going to try to get back on track.

I have orders stacked and waiting.
This makes me soooo happy!

On Wednesday I will have a 
biopsy on a patch on my face.
Probably nothing but my dear doctor
was concerned so we'll let him 
"Scrape" it.
Ewww.....that sound really yucky.

I've popped a few more photos of our
time in Virginia in this post.

On Friday evening we headed to Richmond
so that Chelsea could attend a concert.
It was right in the heart of the city.
A city none of us had been to before.
I took no photos.
It would have just taken too much 
energy...that's how bad this cold is.
I think that was the day I was feverish.
Anyway, while Chelsea was at the concert 
Mom, Georgia and I visited
the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.
I highly recommend it.
Their collections are extensive.
In the two hours we were there we only 
got to see most of one of the three floors!

My favorites?
The Faberge collection
and the Tapestries.
They are simply amazing.

It is a very inexpensive thing to do.
Parking is $3 and admission is free.
You can pay separate admissions for
featured exhibits.  Right now they have two.
One on Egypt and one about Elvis at the age of 21.
We decided to start with the free displays and 
then see if we wanted to spend the money
to see the extras.
We ran out of time and energy well before
we finished the main exhibits.
A very good deal, indeed.
I would love to return to this museum

It was kind of amusing in that
at one point we got separated from
each other.
Georgia said she found us because
she heard Mom coughing.
Our own kind of signalling system.

Well, I'd better get cracking here.
I'll let you know, though, in case you are
interested that I have written a guest post on
It is a devotional.
I will be the devotional writer
on the third Monday of each month.
But, certainly a joy for me.


Theresa said...

Well, I was thinking about you last night! I am happy to hear that you all made it home but sorry to hear that you got the bug:( Hope all is well at home and the orders will get you cracking! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Being sick is no fun, especially when you are on vacation. It sounds like you are beginning to feel better. Please take some time to rest, though, so you don't get the cold right back!

Vee said...

O I will definitely go read your devotional.

Lovely photos, I enjoyed seeing which views you'd go with...straight up those stairs and with housetops peeking over the hedges. Cool viewpoints.

Hope that everyone is feeling much better.

Jean Tuthill said...

Thanks for coming by...sounds like your vacation was great...I've been to W'burg and loved it! I want to go back! Take care and get rid of that cold! Rest and lots of liquids to flush it out!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becky Sweetie...
Oh thank you so much for taking me along this morning. I SO, SO enjoyed myself. What beautiful scenery and the weather looked beautiful. A gorgeous vacation dear friend.

Get some rest now sweetie and take care of that cold. It is no fun to be under the weather any time of year.

Congratulations on your guest post for the Etsy CASTTEAM blog. A true honor. I will be checking out your write dear friend.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

ZudaGay said...

I've loved seeing your photos of this trip! I am so sorry you ended up with the bug. Feel well soon!

Buttercup said...

The photos are lovely. I haven't been to Richmond, but it's high on my list for a visit. Hope you are feeling better and keeping you in my prayers for your "scrape."

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - wow, those are some beautiful places y'all went. I love museums - I'd have loved looking with you.

Glad you're home safe and that you've got lots to keep you busy! Hope you feel better soon!