Monday, February 13, 2012


This week has potential to be much
more interesting around this blog
than they have been for a while.


Chelsea, The Moms and I are headed out 
on a ladies trip to Williamsburg, Virgina.

So...if I have internet access like I hope 
to we will stay in touch and share
the fun.

Williamsburg is very familiar to us.
We have gone since 
the children were

But this is the first time all of the 
guys are staying home.

It will change the dynamics
so we will see it through different eyes.
And, I think, you will get to be right along 
with us.


Carol said...

Enjoy your time with the girls! Hope you'll have good weather.


Theresa said...

Oh I can't wait to go along with you all on this trip:) I know it will be so much fun! Have a blessed week, HUGS!

Kelly_Deal said...

I love Williamsburg, even as a kid. I hope to, in the near future, go as an adult! Have fun!

Marydon said...

Soo love Williamsburg, Have a grand time!
Happy Valentine's

Vickie said...

A girls' trip - YEA! Y'all will have a blast!

Vee said...

This sounds great! I hope that we can be tucked into the suitcases. We're many, but we're light. :D

ZudaGay said...

I am excited to get to go along. I have never been to Williamsburg. We really need to take a trip east some day.

LV said...

A great place for a trip. Be careful but have fun. Look FORWARD TO SEEING IT WHEN YOU RETURN.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Have fun! I adore Williamsburg! Yeah, but you know that! :)

Elena said...

Have a wonderful trip!!