Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Beauty on a Snowy Day....

This has not been the most winter~ish of winters.
In fact we have more often than not
walked outdoors and shared a giddy laugh
 at the warmth and sunshine
we found there.

for a moment we are in that deep
grayness that comes with snow showers.

That is exactly what we are experiencing...
showers of snowflakes.
Nothing serious.
Just beautiful wandering flakes
that kiss your face 
and slowly melt in your hair.

Warren and I just returned from
a brief stroll with the dogs.
They enjoyed it immensely and my 
cheeks still hold the cold of 
the brisk air we found.
It is fresh and energizing.

Although, truth be told,
I could warm up nicely here and 
take a nap.

This morning I stepped outside just 
long enough to snap the photos
in this post. 
The trees with their extra cushioning
reminded me of lace.

Gray skies and lacy trees.
A winterscape
for our enjoyment.

I love the layers....


This afternoon Mom, Georgia, Chelsea and I went 
to a book signing.
The book is called
Frogs in the Loo.

The author, Patti Olson,
is a family friend.
My parents met Patti and her husband, 
Dave, in Papua New Guinea in 2005.
Just months before Daddy went on to Heaven.
It had been a while since we have
spent time together and seeing both 
of them was delightful.

I can't wait to spend some 
quality time reading about Dave 
and Patti's unusual and interesting adventures
in short term missions over the years.
I hear tell that the title comes from 
real experience with frogs in

I know someone who had better
pay attention to that little tidbit 
of information!

If I were still home educating...
and not graduated...
I would be reading these stories to my 
children every day for about 90 days.
I think that is about how many 
short stories are in this book.

Well, now that I typed the word
nap my brain is telling me that it would be 
a very good idea to follow through on that 
concept.   So.....I'm off to lay my head 
down for a bit.  I'm fighting a cold and 
want to take every chance to rest and avoid
the whole nasty deal that is going around here.


Marydon said...

Beautifully captured, Becky. Stay snuggly warm & get better quickly.

Happy Valentine's ~

Theresa said...

Beautiful snow scenes where you are:) It is going to be really cold tonight, coldest of our Season BUT NO SNOW!

Enjoy your nap and the rest of your weekend, HUGS!

Carol said...

Beautiful images & descriptions! We may get a little snowy weather Sunday night.


Vee said...

Lovely lacy trees...they look a lot like ours, though I didn't take a walk to capture the beauty. Hope that you had a restful nap and I will resist the urge to mention echinacea. ;>

What a great title for a book! I bet that it is fascinating and God-honoring.

Buttercup said...

Love looking at snow, especially when it's not here. I somehow missed the little we had here early in the morning. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Becky Sweetie...
What beautiful snow beauty you have shared this evening. I love watching it and seeing photos of it, but never want to live in the cold again. I don't miss it.

I love living here in the desert. We had a beautiful 80-82 degree day today here in Phoenix. I sat poolside and read a book for awhile. It was so peaceful and relaxing. The warmth feels so good to me these days.

Have a gorgeous weekend sweet friend. Stay warm and have a beautiful Valentine's Day.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Pam said...

WOW! That's about all this Florida girl can say about your shots of the snow and cold! I'd love to experience it for a bit. I was born in W.V. but moved out to Cali at the age of 2, and as I said,I'm now a Florida girl. Sooo, you can see why your photography spoke to me!