Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogger Meet....See Joseph on Wednesday!!

Sometimes the best of ideas just
don't work out. This was the case
with our last attempt to meet with
other Bloggers at Longwood Gardens.

My Grandmother was ill and things
came up for most who wanted to come.

So....I have a Plan B.

A pretty good Plan B, if you ask me.

I am going to take up to seven
of you to see Joseph at Sight and Sound.
This Wednesday, July 14th
we will go to the 4:15 pm show.
I will provide each attendee with 
their own package of
glazed almonds. 
(You'll thank me...
they are amazing!)

The first seven people to contact me, beckykcandles (at) gmail (dot) com, will
be my guests at this showing of Joseph.
Please put "Joseph" in the Subject Line.

I know it is short notice.
But I said at one point that to participate 
in this get together you were going to 
have to be flexible and fast.

So...who is in?
Can you come???

It is a fabulous show.

Our plan will be to see the show and then
to go out to a local restaurant for time to
chat about it and get to know each other a bit.

Give me ideas on places you might
like to go....There is a Cracker Barrel,
Fuddruckers, Hershey Farms, Olive Garden,
Red Lobster or Texas Road House nearby.
You are responsible for your own meal...
sorry. Wish I could do that too.



Terri said...

Wish I could be there~! Love your new blog look!

Tracy's corner said...

I've tried your link to sign up for this fun day but it won't take me there. Thought I'd let you know in case others are having this issue

Vee said...

It sure is pretty in here and I do wish that I could come, too. May everyone who can be there grab the gusto and just do it.

Brittany Ann said...

I wish I was closer:(

Ellen said...

I would love to but Ty has Schreiber, :(. I really wanted to see that

Judy said...

Hope you and all of your fellow bloggers have a wonderful evening!

Joyce said...

Have a fun time and of course blog about it with photos of all the bloggers who attend.