Friday, July 30, 2010

More About Jonathan

You guys are interested in Jonathan.
Your comments on the last post came
in very quickly.
So...I'll share more.

I know, he usually flies under the radar
here on the blog...however
he is very interesting young man.
Sweet, caring and an artist/author.

He has been conflicted about what
he wants to do with his life.
Write?  Become a Psychologist?
Focus on his art?

But for now Jonathan is
in the process of writing a fiction story.
 It is sci-fi but not of the scary or 
gross kind.  It is smart and interesting.
At least I think so...
Warren and Pastor Mike agree.

I asked Jonathan for permission to share 
some of the first chapter.

Chapter One
The Child is Born

The rain is silver.  It hasn't been silver
in two milleniums.
Rom was standing by the window 
in the one room log cabin.
The cabin built with his own hands
 for himself and his wife Reena to share.
He looked down at his hands.
So strong... and yet so helpless now.
Reena was in labor behind him and he 
didn't know how to help.
So, he stood looking out the window
randomly commenting about the weather.

Sabriella, the midwife, had come.
At least he had ridden out to get her.
That had to count for something, he thought.

"Reena, dear, I wish you could see this.
It won't happen again in our lifetime."
His wife moaned with a contraction.
Sabriella stood up and said indignantly,
"Would you shut up and go hold your 
wife's hand?  
She's going to need something
to squeeze."

Rom went over to the bedside and 
asked, "How are you doing, Hon?"
Reena grabbed his hand and squeezed
as she let out a cry.

As if from a distance Rom heard 
Sabriella say, 
"It's a girl...
but such an odd baby."

After wiping the baby clean she handed
her to her mother.

"It's amazing!" Rom said, "Her hair is as 
silver as the rain!"

Reena whispered,
"Her name is Silveea."

So, now you know what Jonathan and I are
up to.  I think it is pretty cool that he has
taken the initiative to begin writing.
He is currently working on the sixth chapter.
They are getting longer and I think that
it will be fun to go back and work together on
smoothing the story and filling in, dressing up and
finishing the process over the next several months.
He will illustrate it, as well.

If you know anything about publishing or
getting a publisher's attention we would be
interested in hearing from you.
Jonathan would be delighted if he could
make a career of writing.
His dream is to live in a cabin in the
mountains where we vacation.
Writing, fishing and creating his art.
Hey, a person can dream.
One just never knows!
I wouldn't be surprised at all
if he pulls it off.
Even though he has above average intelligence,
Jonathan has fought huge battles in his
lifetime....born with a life threatening
birth defect, struggling through
school years with
dyslexia, poor eye tracking
and learning challenges.  
Yet, he loves books and
great stories.
So...this means the world to us.
Our son, the writer!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You have every reason to be proud. It's so wonderful to have them grow up and find out what their talents are, and then see them use them too. Jonathan sounds like a fine young man.

Anonymous said...

You asked for information about publishing. Check out Stephen Tremp's blog.

Karen said...

I'd say he's off to a great start!

Mrs.Rabe said...


What a great dream!

Persuaded said...

Well, that was certainly an interesting little bit of the story... I'm hooked!

Well done Jonathan... and mama♥

Vee said...

No wonder you are proud of such a son. I would be as well. Keep writing, Jonathan!

Elena said...

His writing is really good and you can tell he has a very creative mind. That is so cool that you are working with him on it:)

Karen June Miller said...

Well, I'll have to get the book because this definitely had me! Thanks for sharing. I will pray that all goes smoothly!

Hugs, KJ

Melissa G. said...

Hey, don't stop there! That totally pulled me in and i want to read more of Johnathan's story!

Kelly said...

I am so excited that Jonathan allowed you to post part of his first chapter here on your blog. I had asked him the other Sunday about his writing and he briefly mentioned that he is currently writing a Science Fiction/Fantasy story about a girl with silver hair. What you have posted has already caught my attention, and this is not the genre of my choice, usually. Go, Jonathan!