Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Surprise - Part Two

Yesterday I shared about the reveal of
this magnificent surprise. Two girls
with birthdays just days apart who were
penpals and then surprised by a first time
meeting....whew! That is a lot to get out.

When Sunday rolled around it was time for
Church and a Party. Many who were at church
also came for the party. It was so much fun.
Chelsea wanted a cook out. So...that is what
she got. We are spoiling her terribly these
days...but she is also a huge help around here
and deserves some perks.

I headed out back to check on a few details
and this is what I found...some very happy
corn huskers.

Chelsea, Clarence(A&J's Dad), Allison and Julianne

Hey Allison,
What's up with that ear of corn?

They husked more than two dozen ears and then 
broke each ear in half to make it easier to handle
and to go a bit farther.

After a while I strolled outside again and found
this young one and this not so young one
in the hammock.

Hey wait a minute...
This is the other brother!
Joe loves the kids 
and they love him.

They were so very cute together and I thought
I had made a great discovery until I found 
picture as well.  
She had already gotten some great shots.

Well, before long I came across Katie 
and her Mom enjoying the Summer day.
Katie wasn't feeling very well but she
cheered up at the sight of Bandit.

It was so very cute that it nearly melted my heart.

Turning around I found these awesome guys.

Pose for a picture?
Of course they will.
Nicholas, Mikey, Anthony and Jonathan

I headed back toward the house to get back to my preparations 
when I caught sight of Warren at the grill.
I called his name and captured this shot.

And then there was this moment where poor
Warren got caught in the kitchen with a whole
bunch of ladies...all he needed was a little
Seasoned Salt...but I don't think he feels that
badly about it, do you?

Carol, Kelly, My Mom, Warren and Sue

Finally, the eating began.
No pictures.
Are you kidding?
I was eating too.

There were people everywhere.
They were outside on the deck,
sitting at tables in the yard,
In the living room and downstairs in the
Family Room.
It was awesome!

Finally, some had to leave for other
gatherings and then there were only a few
families remaining.
Karen and Clarence had come prepared
to make grill pizzas.
They are soooo very good.
The line to apply your own
toppings was very orderly.
Even the birthday girls with their
tiaras waited their turn.

Pile it on, Rachel.
Lots of cheese makes it better!!

Allison is an expert at making these
personal size treats.

Mrs. Rabe got in on the pizza making fun.

Look at those toppings and the pizza dough
Karen made.  That was the second batch.
It went into my freezer for the next time we
want to enjoy this treat.
Thank you, Karen!

Some felt they should eat their pizzas in a
I told you they were everywhere!!

What a day!!!
It ended at Creekside Cottage with a sweet
Fireworks show provided by Grandpa Bob
and a bunch of young friends.
Each child was able to choose "their own"
firework to have lit.
Everyone enjoyed the time in Fellowship and
the beautiful evening breezes.
We finally pulled back into our driveway
at Midnight.
Lovely, a truly lovely day.

Tomorrow, I will show the final
photos of this visit gone by too quickly.
Photos of the main players in the
adventure as we prepared to say goodbye.
Karen and I have agreed to post
pictures of ourselves.
A very rare event, indeed.
For both of us.
I don't know when Karen will
post hers, but I'll post mine tomorrow.
Thanks for your sweet and kind comments.
I don't know why Blogger isn't showing them
like it should be but I am still reading them in my
email and love that you are following this story.



Andrea said...

Beautiful memories in the making!

Persuaded said...

Wow, what fun.. I almost felt like I was there! And I gotta say that Mrs. Rabe is a gal after me own heart. LOVE her hat♥

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration for Chelsea and Allison. You were blessed, too, with great weather for an outdoor party.

Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspot said...

Becky, Your holiday pics are great. The memories stored in your children's computers will give solid optimism for their lives. By the way, thanks for being a regular visitor to my site. I get discouraged from time to time and wonder if the time put into blogging is worth the time. Do you ever wonder the same?

Becky K. said...


I'll answer your question here because I'll bet others wonder the same thing. There are definitely times that I focus in on visits and impacts on others but I had to decide early on if I was blogging for me or to get lots of readers.
I think that is the key.
My number one reason for blogging is for the experience and discipline of writing. If people enjoy it and visit of their own free will I am ecstatic!!! If they feel inspired to leave a comment I am over the moon.

But, for sure there are days when I feel discouraged. Hang in there. Figure out why you blog and then just keep at it. If getting more visits and comments matters to you join some Blog Parties like Blue Monday,Mosaic Monday,Outdoor Wednesday or something that appeals to you. There are so many out there. Be sure to visit and comment at lots and lots of blogs. You'll build a readership. You do very lovely posts and have a lot of knowledge. I happen to read your blog because I like your priorities of God and family. Your projects are very interesting and very well done.

Wow! This could have been a blog post....

Becky K.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thanks Persuaded!

Becky, it is fun to relive it all! It is fun that all this fellowship just spills over in a natural way to our everyday lives....we are blessed indeed.

Melissa G. said...

What a great time you all had! The girls look so happy!

Karen said...

I'm with Mrs. Rabe-it is so fun to relive it through your post.

Confession: I haven't even gotten my memory card out of my camera yet. Maybe later today I'll get to it...

Did I really say I'd post my picture on my blog again? Yikes!

Kelly said...

Oh so sorry we missed the grilled pizzas. I have always wanted to know how to do pizza on the grill. I am a pizza connoisseur and have never had grilled pizza.

It was great to be able to help celebrate Chelsea's birthday and to meet new friends.

Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspot said...

Becky, thanks for taking time to answer my question. At the beginning I did visit lots of sites and leave comments. I need to revive that discipline. And I do love to blog, just for the joy of creating compact visual and verbal packages. :) So...I guess I am hooked. :)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I loved these two posts Becky. It looks like a wonderful time of fellowship. That's what we did on Sunday too, although we had to go to a fireworks show instead of having our own. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.
I rarely post photos of myself either. I'm always the one with the camera :-)