Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is It Time to Dance?

A happy dance?

The dishwasher with which I have a hate/hate
relationship broke last night.

This is the dishwasher that 
"made a fool of me".
You know my temper tantrum 
while windows were open and 
neighbors waited for the school bus
right out there.

Warren must evaluate whether it is 
cost effective to fix it.

He is so good like that.
Never understanding the emotions
of hating a kitchen appliance
he will give it his best shot.

Of course, this was the week that he 
ordered parts so that the top rack could
stop falling down every time it gets the whim.
After at least a year of wrestling with this stupid
machine....now he has more incentive 
to bring it back to life or we will 
have the parts for a broken

But, then, there is the possibility that it is not
cost effective to fix it....
Oh, I hear the music.
I am beginning to sway......
Here's hoping!

I would just love to meet a newer,
quieter, friendlier kitchen helper!
I'd be so happy to make and sell a billion 
candles to pay for one.

I'll let you know.

In the meantime
Chelsea and I will work
side by side washing the 

That is not all bad, either.


Becky K.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Even with our dishwasher, we hand wash a lot of dishes everyday! I cannot stand to have dirty dishes cluttering up the kitchen. And while I love being able to load the dishwasher and let it run, I find that if my girls and I handwashed, dried and put them away, we would be done long before the dishwasher was finished AND they still need to be unloaded and put away!

But inspite of this rant, I do love having a dishwasher, it is one of my household servants that makes my life easier!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Here's hoping you get what your heart truly desires, Becky! And in the mean time, that you enjoy having the time with Chelsea!


Sheila :-)

detweilermom said...

Becky, Our dishwasher broke down about seven years ago and we never replaced it because We had three built in dishwashers at the time (Just, Faith and Hannah) Now we are down to one (Dave and I pitch in once in awhile) We will probably get a new one when Hannah moves out. Dish washing is a good bonding time.

Ronda said...

Mornin' Sweet Becky,

I am so sorry your having trouble with a handy friend such as that. I would miss my handy friend terribly if it broke down.

Here's good wished and prayers your dishwasher gets fixed or replaced soon.

I am also glad your doing much better now. Prayers Answered yet still being offered up to God on your behalf.

Love ya my friend.

Love & Prayers,

Tracy said...

I'm with Mrs. Rabe. I have a perfectly good dishwasher, but I handwash the dishes most of the time. In fact, I only use the dishwasher 2-3 times per year. I think handwashing gets them cleaner, is faster, and keeps my plates and glasses looking better.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, You really made me laugh with this post...I went through the same dishwasher issues a year ago. I also wrote about it, and then did without for a while...picture big empty hole under counter for months...and then...we finally got a new one. It is all that it is cracked up to be. Hope that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

We. Need. A. New. One.

Chelsea :)

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, hope you get the dishwasher you want.

We have a Maytag and it was worth every penny we spent on it. It cleans everything!

Hugs, Barb ♥

LemonyRenee' said...

LOL! I can totally relate to this. I have an uber-handy husband who has, much to my dismay, resurrected from the dead my horrible stove and my dastardly dishwasher! I hope it cannot be fixed. ;)

LV said...

Sorry, you are having appliance problems. I like washing mine by hand anyway. I have not used my dishwasher in so long it probably does not work. When its just one, you do not have enough to justify using the dishwasher. Stay calm.

Vee said...

Still washing dishes here...love the warm water on my hands. Warren is a wise hubby to try and fix those things within his ability to fix so that you may have less stress. I know that you do the same for him.

Thought of you as I was reading this morning... "The Lord is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Amen to that!

Carol said...

Hey, Becky & Chelsea,

I hope you get a new dishwasher!!
We got a new one last summer . . .
I LOVE it!


Brittany Ann said...

Fingers crossed and prayers that God - and Warren - grant you a new washer!

Kelly said...

You made me smile with this post, as I can relate, only my issue is my stove. I would love a new stove, but mine still works perfectly well. It was here when we moved in and that was 9 years ago! Last year I thought it was going to need replacing, and my husband said, "No, it only needs a new oven coil."

So, I'm with you and hope you get a NEW dishwasher:)

Ellen said...

This is exactly what I am talking about, you can tell a story about anything and keep your readers attention until the end. I could picture you with your hands in front of you, arms bent at the elbow, swaying back and forth with a huge smile on your face. LOVE IT

Emily said...

Oooh! That would explain why Mr.K was laying on the kitchen floor, while we were leaving :-) Hope things work out!!