Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Melissa, You had to Ask...

Melissa at The Inspired Room is hosting a link party featuring
things that have inspired us this week.
My contribution has nothing directly to do with
homemaking or decorating but
let me tell you, this has been a week full of inspiration.
Some for good and others not so wonderful.

I should probably just pick one thing, huh?
Well, maybe just two!

Two separate things that will go together, 
I promise.

Yesterday I told you about the Blogger Meet
at Sight and Sound Theatre.  What I have not 
talked so much about is why this particular story
moves me to the core.

You see, the story of Joseph speaks to the part
of me that used to be extremely fearful.
I feared everything.  
Faith was just a word in my vocabulary 
when it came to trust in God.
You know, what if He chose to let something
horrible happen to me or someone I loved?

What if....So many of these if's.

But when you see the story of Joseph laid out
in live action you realize that life can stink pretty 
bad and still be within the Will of God.
Encouraged yet?

I mean, how many of us have had our siblings
toss us into a pit with the intention of allowing us
to die a slow and painful death?
Or....sold us into slavery?

Not so much.

How many of us have spent three years in 
prison for something we never did?

It happens.
But not to me.
Most likely not to you either.

But the thing that grabs my heart and soul
is the knowledge that God did not allow 
any of these things for evil intentions or 
because He didn't care about Joseph or his 
brothers.  He allowed it specifically because...
Are you ready?

He loved them THAT MUCH!!!!

Because of these seemingly
cruel and unusual circumstances 
God saved Isreal.
A family was restored and a life of
a Faithful man became one of Honor.

Through all of this,
He preserved the line through which He
would bring the Savior.
This is the best of all!

He loved US THAT MUCH!!!

I have spent so many hours in worry and fear.
Even this morning I opened my eyes and crawled
out of bed early because of concerns relating to 
my health.  
I am not over this whole
tendency to worry.  
If it hadn't been about test results
that now require a trip to the doctor
in a week or so....I likely would
have been trying not to hyperventilate
about Mikey's determination
to get his motorcycle license!

However, I am wholly encouraged
by the fact that God is intimately involved in my life.
His plan was established before the beginning of
time and it is all as it should be.

Will I always see the pathway clear?
That I can guarantee.
But sometimes a miracle happens just when you need
most to see it.
Such was the case today.
Our neighbors were in a horrific accident.
They were pulling a large camper behind their 
SUV when a tire blew out on the camper.
Their SUV and camper went flipping down 
the road rolling three times.

I got the call as they were still attempting
to get one of the ladies out of the vehicle.

 Credit for this photo goes to 
You'll find the story here.
It was necessary to remove the roof 
to get her out.  
She is the only one
of six people, two dogs and a cat 
who is injured enough
to remain in a hospital this evening.  
She has a badly 
broken finger.


It truly is a miracle. 
The youngest child was three.
The oldest person was a senior citizen.

I just know that things could have been so 
different.  Sometimes they do work out 
horribly otherwise. But, if God wishes to 
intervene and allow a miracle, 
He can and will 
do it.  

If He chooses to allow us to travel through 
bleak times...even years... as in Joseph's case
what is most important is that we remain 
faithful.   Always knowing that He is at work.
His plan is perfect.

I wish I could quote the challenge
given at the end of Sight and Sound's performance
but it is along the lines that God is 
looking for those who will stand up
for Him today.
It reaches into the core of me
each and every time I see it
and it is all I can do not to jump 
from my seat shouting
"Me!  Pick Me!"

Now that is inspiration.
Straight to the heart.

Be encouraged that our Heavenly Father
knows what He is doing.
It is good.


Annesphamily said...

I am praying for those in the accident. God was very good. That is amazing there was no other serious injuries. Thank you for sharing today. Have a wonderful weekend. Anne

Mrs.Rabe said...

Was this Ellen's family? Oh, Man!

I love this story too! It is for many of the same reasons...God is working His plan for my life and I can completely rest in HIM!

This show is so powerful - I pray that everyday I live my life that I will have the opportunity to see God's hand at work.

Great inspiration!

Becky K. said...

Mrs. Rabe,

It was not Ellen's family but their best friends. Very often these families go camping together, each pulling campers as they go. It was very scary!!!

A lady from Baltimore got the two dogs and cat and met Ellen with them.
So sweet. It took this lady two hours to get from the site of the crash to Willow Street!!! Should have been about 45 minutes tops. That is how bad the traffic was after the wreck.

Becky K.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, oh girl, there is only one YOU. Such a wonderful post. The accident takes my breath.

I do believe we know God is in control but He knows we are all too human. He knows.

Hugs, Barb ♥

Phyllis said...

I too struggle with the same things. I was so encouraged by the live action story of Joseph. It becomes so real and you can feel the emotion that touches ones heart.

Marydon said...

Amen! You couldn't have said it any better, Becky! TY for sharing so eloquently a strong point.

So glad you friends are all safe & sound.

Happy you all had such a wonderful time at Sight & Sound ... it is a great place for everyone to go to.
Christmas program is superb.

Have a beautiful day, sweet lady.

You may wish to enter our giveaway!
Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Vee said...

Oh Becky. I'm so glad that your neighbors are okay, with the exception of minor breaks and bruises. Powerful post.

Elena said...

I just love the story of Joseph. I like you can let my anxieties eat at my faith! Thank you so much for sharing this. It was very encouraging.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What an encouraging post. I've found I worry more as I've gotten older, and have to continue to give it to the Lord. As I've talked to other friends close to my age, we all seem to be doing this a little more, so I'm thinking pre-menopause might be part of the problem.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Hopeful Homemaker said...

I enjoyed your post. Life is different when we can see God's hand in it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that no one was seriously injured in that awful accident.

Also, I, too, was very touched by seeing the live action story of Joseph. It just really brings that story to life and gives it so much more impact. And, if Joseph could continue to keep his faith in God through everything he went through, then we should be able to as well.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Thank you for your inspiring post Becky!! I'm so glad your neighbors are safe. What a horrible accident and praise God they were OK!

Many blessings,

Linda said...

What a blessing to read this entry today. I spent much of the night last night worrying about and praying for my son (who, by the way, owns and rides a big Harley). In the wee hours the Lord gave me this word: "My plans have been in place before the beginning of time. You can trust in My power and my provision for you and yours." What a blessed affirmation to read your words, so similar! Bless you!