Friday, July 9, 2010

Think Snow!

It is HOT!
We are having a neighborhood
yard sale. It started yesterday.
We were sooooo very hot.

One of our neighbors has put
out his "Think Snow" sign.
He stopped in to the yard sale yesterday. 
I told him how much I enjoy
seeing that sign.

So...just in case it is very hot
where you are...

Think Snow!
From just a precious few months

Did that help at all?

Oh my, soon it will be cold
and we will be looking forward
to Summer....

It is just the way we are.


Gayla said...

Oh, you know I LOVE this idea... Snow! I love these pictures. I have been so happy to read about your surprises this past weekend. What fun! Your girls and whole family will never ever forget this weekend. Hugs and cold wintry thoughts from MO...

Persuaded said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Becky, what a sweet relief it was just looking at those pictures! I actually took a deep breath and sighed when I caught the first glimpse of that deep beautiful cold snow♥

Hey, I'm wondering if you have any words of wisdom for a new home business gal such as myself. Everything is all set to start up on Monday for me, but I admit to being a bit nervous. You've done this for quite a while now, right? Have any words of wisdom (or comfort!) for the newbie?

Becky K. said...

Gayla - Thanks for the wintry thoughts. ((smile))

Persuaded - Oh, I could write about this for a very long time....but lets abbreviate it for now.

1. Try hard not to be defensive. People will have lots of opinions and advice. Try your best to take it in and evaluate it objectively. You always have the option of choosing what works for you and your business and then simply ignoring the rest.

2. Read books on home business. The library has many. It helps to get you thinking on the track of good record keeping and legalities while at the same time doing this has sparked more than one creative idea.

3. Pricing! This is key. Don't undersell yourself but be aware of what price ranges sell well. This, I think, may be the trickiest part of a home based business. It is hard to place enough value on your time.

I've got to run back to the yard sale now...but these are the first things that popped into my head.

Have fun!!!
Please have fun and resist the temptations to be discouraged if after the initial excitement you have slow times. That is normal. The businesses that succeed keep enough in reserve to make it through and they persevere.


Becky K.

Anonymous said...

We get 7-8 months of snow here, so summertime is a joy. Sorry it is so hot where you are. Drink lots of cool drinks and run in the sprinklers, K? :)

Anonymous said...

Your title reminded me of a parade float from our Independence Day parade, 7 years ago. We're supposed to get some relief from the hot temperatures today and into the weekend.

Bee said...

Any homeschool books for sale?

Mrs.Rabe said...


That was great advice!

I laugh that we are such discontented creatures that we complain of cold and snow and want heat - and in the heat we complain too!

Good thing God knows us and loves us anyway!

I hope you sell all your treasures!

Persuaded said...

Becky... Thank you so much for your thoughts! Would you believe I haven't read a single book on home business? or any kind of business?? When I read your advice to do so, it kind of hit me what a dumb thing it was to not seek out reading material on the subject. duh! Do you happen to have any specific ones to suggest that might be good? It is so hard for me to get into the "business mindset"... giving stuff away has always been what I love to do. But of course I can't do that now! lol!
I'd love to pick your brain a little more on this subject when you have the time☺

Maybe you could write a blog series on it!

Karen said...

I'm not loving this heat but I still prefer summer to winter.

(Of course, with the advent of hot flashes, maybe I'll be changing my opinion...) ;-)

Vickie said...

Snow - beautiful, but I'm happy with summertime still. Yes, it's blazing hot here, but I won't be ready until long about September or so. We're never satisfied are we? I'm just glad the Lord gave us seasons of the year to enjoy the changes!

Have a wonderful weekend and a successful sale!

JD said...

You are a lot braver than I am...I was thinking of having a yard sale today, and changed my mind due to the heat...Have a great weekend...Blessings, Jill

LV said...

I do get a little hot now and then, but will never complain about it. I hate cold weather. I stay cold, and have been that way all my life,most of the time.

Kelly said...

That was refreshing!

I loved the weather we had last week.

I told the boys I would rather have the cold than this awful heat, although I don't like it if the temperatures dive below the twenties.

We are so discontented when it comes to temperatures aren't we? lol

Marydon said...

THINK SNOW?!? Sounds good to me, Becky ... this is one mean summer thus far! And, to boot the first week of the first heat wave the a/c went DOWN permanently ... the second week of the second heat wave they finally got it up the day before it hit 102 ... was miserable! SNOW, you betcha!

Hope you make a bundle at your yard sale, wish it were closer.

Have a lovely summer's eve, sweet friend ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Vee said...

Oh yes, it did help! And if you can remember to do the reverse come January, we'll thank you for that, too!