Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thinking Saturday....Week in Review

There is no shortage of things
to "think" about this week.

1. Politics - I had just written many
thoughts about healthcare reform.
I deleted them.
Suffice it to say...
Thank God Americans have
finally found their voice
and are letting their
Representatives (they are called this for a reason)
know what they think!

2. Movie Recommendation - We watched a very gripping movie
this week. It was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
I think everyone of High School
age and older should watch this.
It is a story of the Holocaust.
For this reason it is naturally painful.
But it is written from a young
German boy's point of view.
He befriends a boy wearing
striped "pajamas",
who lives on the other
side of a fence.
Their friendship leads to
very interesting
and ultimately sad consequences.

3. The Kids - Chelsea has had a full week
babysitting and pet sitting.
She has been taking care of two kitties
this week for some neighbors.
One cat is so friendly and outgoing
while the other hides when we are there.
She has also very much enjoyed spending
time with her good friends
in the neighborhood.
Mikey had his first full week of driving.
He did well.
I am very sure he had moments
when he scared himself
but we would expect that, wouldn't we?
He also got to go on a field trip with his
Longwood Class to Wave Hill Gardens in Bronx, NY.
How awesome this whole internship has been.
It is winding down now,
as we are in the last two weeks.
He is sad about that.
Jonathan got to use his talents
to help his Grandma Georgia build a computer desk.
Granted, it was the kind that came in a box,
with many, many pieces,
but you know how very frustrating
those things can be.
I am glad the boys are here
to be of help to their Grandmas.
Often it is Jonathan who does
the most this way, as Mikey is more of
one to be out at a job.
Grandma Ruth depends on Jonathan
as her dog walker when she works long
days at the Theatre.
Very soon our eldest will be
leaving us to go to a job or college,
as well, but all in the right timing.
Next on his agenda...
hopefully, a trip to State College with
Chelsea and Grandma Ruth
and then the removal of four
huge impacted wisdom teeth!

3. Friends - A dear friend is facing
one of the greatest challenges
a person can face.
It relates to one of her children.
Bearing the burdens of a friend are
one of the things a Christian is
called upon to do.
You'll find this in Galatians 6
where it says,
"Carry each other's burdens,
and in this way you will fulfill
the law of Christ. If anyone thinks
he is something when he is nothing,
he deceives himself.
Each one should test his own actions.
Then he can take pride in himself,
without comparing himself to somebody else,
for each one should carry his own load."

It could be so easy for any of us to
judge another's situation.
But we are not to do this.
We are to come alongside in
action and prayer.
It is in serving and
praying humbly that we are blessed.
I don't have the answers for this friend.
She doesn't need to hear advice from me
at this point,
but I have time to pray
and time to care.

I hope that your week was awesome!
They go more and more quickly,
it seems as we try to get so much done
before school begins again and the
frost appears on the ground.
We have decided to plan a neighborhood
picnic for next month.
Thankfully a neighbor is going to
host it at her house.
I have always hosted,
but the past couple of years it simply
hasn't happened because our lives were
not suited to the time requirements of
such an event.
I am ever so thankful that there is
interest in doing this as we have many
new neighbors and it will be neat to see the
ones who have been here forever
but busy lives keep separate.
Chelsea and I are in charge of
making the invitations.
Yay! Fun stuff!

Well, this is getting way too long.
See you later!



Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning Becky K, sounds like you've had a very busy week. They certainly seem to go by faster than they used Our grandson is here for the w/k and then back again for a week next week.. he puts laughter in the house, and that's always a good thing.. Have a super Saturday my friend..hugs ~lynne~

LV said...

Nice post. At least your are thinking and making the rest of us think as well. Things are not too good for our world right now.

SmilingSally said...

Make sure you show us those invitations.

Freda said...

I agree with Sally, I want to see the comments.