Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Chatting...

Last evening was another bad one
for storms. None where we live,
although we could hear the thunder
so loud that it actually shook our
home. The sun shone the whole time
and there was no rain.

However, just minutes after the boys
left to head twenty minutes north to
a friend's house for the evening the
cable channel I had on was interrupted
with a tornado warning bulletin.

I quickly changed the channel to a local
newsroom where they were declaring the
dangers of this storm and showed over
and over again a map with a "hook"
that was sweeping toward and then over
the boys location.

Warren got home and we watched...
I tried to call but all of the
phone lines in that area were out of
service. The severe weather specialist
on WGAL was nearly hopping up and down
with excitement at the "classic presentation"
of a possible tornado. I understand, somewhat.
My long time friend is married to a
meteorologist and I remember their wedding
day. There was a severe storm.
His meteorologist buddies were ecstatic
at the towering clouds and the risky
weather. So, having seen that, I guess
I can understand this man's enthusiasm.

However, I was so worried about the boys
I just couldn't share it.

They are fine.

Lancaster City got hit pretty hard, but the
area the boys were in was spared.

For this I am exceedingly grateful.

It is a new experience to watch the boys
drive away...hoping they come back in one

During that storm, my dear friend, Mrs. Rabe's
husband was involved in his second accident in
just a couple of weeks. He was driving their
new family van when he was rear ended...the first
time someone ran a red light.

I can't believe they are facing this right now
and having to clean up huge trees that have fallen
on their property from the bad storm on Tuesday
evening. I have a feeling we could be "moving
wood" over this weekend if they are up to the

You can read Mrs. Rabe's version of the storm and
events last night if you click here.

Today is Mikey's last day at
his Longwood Gardens Internship.

He is deep in the Mum Field.
You may know that they have the
most fantastic Mum display every
Fall. This year there will be
"Mum Bees". He has been helping
to plant the mums on the bees.
Does that make sense?

These bees will "fly" in
the Conservatory.

It seems just last week we were
filling out all of the application
paperwork...but here we are at the
end of the program. Sad.

But, a little less stress in worrying
that Mikey will make it back and forth
safely each day. He has observed some
very crazy drivers and I think it has been
a wakeup call for him.

Well, this is long...
but sometimes I just feel like sharing
what is on my mind with my dearest bloggy

By the way, this week a dear blog friend,
Terri, announced that she has been diagnosed
with Breast Cancer. Her blog is closed but
if you happen to know her, please stop by and
give her some encouragement...if not...Pray!
Their family has also lost two close family
members over the past week. So much!

At least three blog friends are helping
mothers through cancer treatments.
My prayers are with them, I hope you will
join me.

So much to pray much to be
thankful for.


Tracey said...

So glad that your boys are okay!!

stefanie said...

sooooo scary, glad everyone is ok.

Kelly said...

Glad the boys are fine! We've had some nasty storms lately.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, life is downright scary sometimes. So glad we can lean on God. I hope you have a blessed and happy weekend.

Barb :-)

Joyce said...

Tornados are so scary as there is really no rhythm or reason as to where they touch down. I had my first experience when we moved to Ky and now back living in the south we have warning sirens to let us know they are coming in the middle of the night. Glad all was well with your family. I would just love to go up and see the Mums at Longwood. You are so lucky to live so close.

Elena said...

Dear Becky I am so glad your boys are OK. I have never been an area with tornado warnings but I have heard many accounts. The Lord is so good to take care of us!

Sandra said...

Hi Becky! What a scary situation! I'm glad your boys are ok. My prayers are with the lady you mentioned and for everyone else too.